The Unmistakable Look Of
Bamboo Roman Shades

An Eco Friendly & Esthetically Pleasing Approach
To Your Window Treatment Project

Cocoa Bamboo Roman Shade Example There can be nothing quite as beautiful and complimentary to a room as window coverings that blend in with the decor and add a special touch to the room. Bamboo roman shades can do just that.

Because they are natural fibers, they compliment wood tones in the room and can make a beautiful accent to your windows. The benefits to bamboo roman shades do not end at their beauty and elegance, as they are also economical, functional and a pragmatic product that serves to combat current environmental concerns.

This window treatment option comes in a huge variety of looks, colors, designs and styles. Some have bamboo valances available to match the shade itself. Just like eco bamboo blinds or other bamboo window coverings, the roman shades can be custom purchased offering you the selection of color, texture and style.

Many online retailers and home improvement stores sell these roman styled shades and other bamboo blinds that are sure to suit every room in the house.

Characteristics and Benefits

Bamboo is a lightweight, durable and natural fiber that comes from the pulp in the shoots of the bamboo plant. Bamboo grows in abundance in Eastern parts of the world, as well in the West on a smaller scale, and is in no danger of being harvested into extinction. It just keeps on growing and spreading after being cut.

Just like the grass that it is!

Another benefit to using bamboo in the home is that it is a highly renewable and sustainable resource. Bamboo is grown without any need of pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals and bamboo mills prove to be environmental friendly, as opposed to other types of textile mills.

Our Move Toward Environmental Awareness

As an added bonus, bamboo is 100% biodegradable, so when it is time to re-decorate years down the road, your bamboo window treatments will not lead to even more landfill build-up. This may be an important factor for you to consider, if you are becoming increasingly conscious of our impact to the Earth.

Being ecologically friendly is definitely beneficial. However, no homeowner wants to compromise style. Bamboo roman shades are an impeccable choice for durability and fashion. They are easy to install and can be done without paying a professional. Bamboo is very efficient at blocking sunlight from entering your home.


Depending on the type of bamboo roman shade or bamboo blinds that you choose, they can either block 100 percent down to only 25 percent of the sun’s rays from coming in your home. This helps with energy efficiency and ensures that your privacy needs are still met. These are two other important factors when looking for window dressings.

Price Point | Is It Possible To Find Cheap Or Discount Roman Designed Bamboo Shades?

Yes, it actually is possible to find discount bamboo roman shades and cheap roman blinds that will make it easy to replace window coverings in every room of your home. When you purchase discounted products ensure that they are not returned product from another consumer and you may also want to check to see that quality and durability is not lacking.

If you look for discounted bamboo roman blinds, be sure that the retailer offers full returns, in case you are not satisfied and decide to go with a better brand with higher quality. The high-end offerings are not terribly expensive, considering the cost range of some luxury window treatments these days.

Whether you are looking to transform a patio, bedroom or living room by implementing bamboo roman shades, bamboo blinds or other bamboo window coverings you are sure to not be disappointed. Considering the environmental benefits of bamboo, coupled with the efficiency of bamboo products and their luxurious natural look, it just makes sense to give them a try.

Oh...and don't forget to finish your home decorating effort with a stunning bamboo floor vase too! I recently discovered this attractive bamboo decor item and will be asking my wife to pick one out for our living room... and I'll even pay for it!