Eco Bamboo Flooring, An
Earth Friendly Alternative

Bamboo Floors Continue To Grow In Popularity, As Yhey Become One Of The Most Popular Bamboo Products Available Today

Bamboo flooring sample Bamboo is rapidly growing in popularity as an eco friendly flooring material...and for good reason!

Not only is bamboo an extremely durable renewable resource, but eco bamboo flooring is available in a variety of colors and grains and is manufactured in solid, woven, and engineered versions.

As an added bonus, it is often less expensive than hardwoods flooring. It can be installed above grade or below grade. Bamboo is also an excellent flooring material to use over radiant heat.

Some bamboo products have added formaldehyde, so check to make sure yours doesn't. Bamboo costs and quality do vary widely. The Forest Stewardship Council certifies bamboo, so be sure to look for their certification to avoid purchasing bamboo from sources that have been harvested un-sustainably.

Why Is Eco Bamboo Flooring An Earth Friendly More Sustainable Material?

Bamboo is an eco friendly material for several reasons. Most importantly, bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource-the trees grow to adulthood in seven years or less (compared to several decades for other hardwoods). Medium dark colored bamboo flooring sample

Bamboo flooring is made from a different species of bamboo than the kind pandas prefer to eat, so there is no conflict between harvesting bamboo and endangered bamboo habitat.

Bamboo has a natural resistance to moisture and mildew, allowing it to last longer than many flooring materials.

Using this abundant alternative resource prevents valuable hardwood forests, which usually take 35-45 years to grow, from being harmed unnecessarily. As flooring options, eco cork flooring and bamboo are both durable, sustainable and beautiful.

How To Clean Eco Friendly Bamboo Flooring

It is possible to wax bamboo floors, but it is both unnecessary and a lot of work! Simply vacuum or damp mop them as needed.

For difficult spots, clean with an ammonia and water solution or an eco-friendly citrus based solvent.

Types Of Eco Bamboo Flooring

  • Solid Bamboo Flooring - This type of flooring is made of larger pieces of solid bamboo. Strips of bamboo are glued together to create planks.
  • Woven Bamboo Flooring - Woven bamboo is created by shredding solid bamboo into fibers, which are then mixed with a resinous compound and formed into solid blocks. This process creates a much harder surface than solid bamboo, making woven bamboo a terrific choice for commercial or heavy use applications. To make sure your woven bamboo flooring is eco-friendly, check to make sure that the resin used contains no urea-formaldehyde.
  • Engineered Bamboo Flooring - Engineered bamboo has a top layer of solid bamboo that is then laminated to a cross-ply core. Reviews of engineered bamboo flooring are mixed-it works best in more humid climates, as cracking may be a danger in dry climates.

    EcoTimber woven bamboo uses a bamboo core rather than a wood one, which makes their engineered bamboo warp-resistant and stable.

Shopping For Eco Bamboo Flooring

There is a wide variety in appearance of bamboo flooring, from whitish to tiger striped to nearly black. Shop around to find the look best for your home.

Here is a list of some of the largest and best-known manufacturers of eco-friendly bamboo flooring for you to select from:

  • Home Legend is available at Home Depot
  • Natural Floor by US Floors is available at your local Lowes box store.
  • Tecsun Flooring is also available at Lowes.
  • EcoTimber has a long list of retailers and manufacturers on their website.
  • Teragren and Dansk are both available from FastFloors

Soon, I'll list all of the coupons and discounts that are available for eco bamboo flooring as well!