Can You Make The Move
To Eco Friendly Clothing?

With Such An Abundance Of
Green Options, The Answer Is Yes!

Why choose eco friendly clothing? Organic materials are important for each stage of life. Some people may tell you that they have survived this long without thinking about organic and eco friendly issues. We've all heard someone say...

"I've never worried about organic and look, I turned out just fine".

But is that really true?

If the only thing we had to think about was whether our clothing contained pesticides, maybe it would not be as crucial of an issue.

But, those pesky pesticides don't stay put in the dirt or even on the clothing. Our skin absorbs an amazing amount of what is put next to or on it. We can see how lotion gets quickly absorbed into our skin shortly after applying. The same goes for the clothing that we wear all day and night.

Choosing to buy eco friendly clothing is a great step towards social and environmental responsibility as well as our own health. The process of making a piece of clothing affects animals, people and the planet as well as each and every family who lives downstream from a farm where the crops used to make the clothing are grown.

The truth is, the toxic soup we live in today is made up of many small doses of harmful chemicals in everything from the air we breathe to the fruit we bite into. Each small step we can take towards minimizing toxins we are exposed to is a step in the right direction and placing eco friendly clothing on our skin vs. traditional clothing is a small step we can all take.

Luckily, we have more access than ever to organic materials and ingredients in the things we buy. Choosing to buy eco friendly clothing is more than just a fashion statement. It's a statement of compassion, awareness and responsibility to each other. Eco Fashion choices are expanding every year. Hopefully, this trend continues.

Eco Friendly Maternity Clothing

You already know how important it is to pay extra special attention to what you put into your body when you are pregnant. Doctors tell women to stay far away from alcohol, drugs, and medications to make sure that baby grows healthy and strong at each stage of pregnancy.

Another consideration that is coming to light is bringing awareness to the various environmental toxins that the mother is exposed to during pregnancy. Cotton, one of the predominant materials in maternity clothing, is also one of the most pesticide-laden crops out there.

Choosing organic materials for maternity wear has not been an easy task in the past. Today, you can find some great affordable maternity clothing lines catering to the eco conscious parents to be.

Here are a couple of great resources for choosing organic and eco friendly maternity clothing:

Maternitique - Find an amazing stylish fashion made from sustainable lyocell fabrics and organic cotton with non-toxic, low-impact dyes. These pieces can take you from early pregnancy to post-pregnancy transition. Save money while you go green.

BambinoLand - Made from 100% luxuriously soft bamboo, one of the best pregnancy buys is the Belly-Band. The natural version at the site will easily stay with you from early pregnancy to your favorite pair of pants post pregnancy.

Eco Friendly Baby Clothing

Once baby arrives, the delicate skin that baby is born with can easily absorb too many toxins for his body weight by applying lotions not made from natural ingredients as well as by wearing non-organic clothing. During these first months, it is very important to protect baby from environmental toxins including those found in bedding, food and especially the clothing and diapers that touch baby's sensitive skin all day.

As moms are becoming more eco conscious in all of the daily choices for baby and family, clothing is one that is an easy transition. As baby showers are turning green, so are the baby gifts. Gone are the days of neutral colors of organic clothing with no style.

Here are a couple of beautiful eco friendly baby clothing lines that will make it easy to go green without squeezing your wallet dry:

PureBebe - Featuring sweet styles of clothing for baby boys and girls up to 24 months, you can go organic from head to toe in style. You will find beautiful lines of clothing made from soy fiber, bamboo and organic cotton.

MyLittlePakora - Started by a mom who wanted to go organic for her own baby, Sonia Gupta strives to portray the principles of organic living. In creating the original clothing line, Sonia emphasized "natural food, home remedies, yoga and meditation, alternative medicine, and sustainable living." The entire clothing line is certified by the Control Union Certification (SKAL) and the dyeing processes are eco-friendly with low-impact, AZO-free dyes.

Eco Friendly Children's Clothing

If you have spent any time searching for organic clothing for your children over the age of two or three years old, you know that there simply has not been much available in the way of eco fashion for kids in recent years. Luckily, retailers have realized that there is a market in creating organic clothing lines for children beyond the age of three or four years old.

Here are a couple of resources available to us now:

Patagonia - Long known for their environmental initiatives, Patagonia is a great example of an eco conscious company with a purpose beyond sales. From rain gear to t-shirts, you will find an array of sporty designs using materials such as 100% organic cotton, 100% all-recycled polyester fabric and UPF protection in sizes ranging from 3 to 14yrs old.

HessNatur - Since 1976, before organic clothing was a fashion trend, Heinz Hess believed that pure, natural and organic was a healthier way of life. During his lifetime, Mr. Hess helped create organic farms and set standards for human labor with initiatives such as the Clean Clothing Campaign. At this site, you will find beautiful, ethical designs for kids from 1 year to 14 years old.

Eco Friendly Men's Clothing

Men can go green too. Sometimes we forget that the world of fashion caters to more than just the ladies. From trends on the runway, to going to the gym, men's fashion has not fallen behind in the awareness of moving towards eco awareness. Though, much like older children's clothing, men's eco friendly fashion is certainly more difficult to find.

Shopping for eco friendly men's fashion is probably easier online than at most department stores, though that is changing.

Here are some great resources to get the men in some green eco friendly clothing today:

NatureWearOrganics - At Nature Wear Organics, you will find simple elegant t-shirts, sweaters and pants with a message towards peace and health of the planet. They make their line from blends of hemp and organic cotton, which include organic socks and other footwear.

REI - A frontrunner in creating natural or eco friendly clothing for men, women and children. The REI organic line for men includes stylish and sporty pieces such as organic trail pants and recycled fleece gloves. And for the eco conscious trendsetter, you will find very cool organic button down shirts made from certified 100% organic cotton. Visit the entire line at a store near you or at

Shopping For Eco Friendly Clothing in Your Town

Whether you are shopping for brand new babies or for the man in your life, going green may be easier said than done depending on your zip code. A great way to find more eco friendly clothing in a store near you is to talk to your local store owners and let them know that you and many others like you would love to buy organic and local products.

Even department stores are adding more eco brands each season. If you see some in a store near you, let the manager know that you are happy about the new addition.

Another great resource for local organic designers is to visit your local Farmer's Market. Farmer's Markets tend to attract local designers who may not have a store front yet. This is a fantastic way to learn about the clothes, the company and what exactly makes it qualify as eco friendly clothing.

Local designers can even take custom design requests for your personal color, size and style needs!

If you don't have a Farmer's Market in your town, you can still find local designers by searching the Etsy site, the online hub for handmade goods. When you visit Etsy online, you can narrow your search by choosing local artisans who may specialize in making eco friendly clothing. You simply click on the 'Shopping Local' button and enter your town to find a list of local artists crafting exactly what you are searching for. You will be amazed at the local talent in your very own neighborhood.

The only way we are going to go green in a big way is with one person at a time and one store at a time. To find a store near you, try typing in 'eco fashion' along with the name of your city or town in a search engine or local directory and see what comes up. You may be surprised to find some treasures in your own backyard.

I just found some amazing new eco friendly clothing stores near us. I hope you do the same!