Consider Eco Cork Flooring Material For Your Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement And More

Making The Ecologically Conscious Choice
When Updating And Renovating Floors

Lined cork flooring tile There are lots of reasons to consider eco cork flooring for your home. Cork floors are easy to clean, add insulation value to the floor, are naturally moisture-resistant and work well in any area of the house.

Many people prefer cork because it is a very comfortable surface to stand on for long periods of time. Cork flooring is very durable and recovers well from any marks left by furniture or high heels. As an added bonus, cork is price-competitive with other types of flooring.

Why Is Cork An Eco Friendly Flooring Material?

The cork industry is very highly regulated to guarantee the health and continued production of the trees. A cork oak tree can replenish itself for harvest approximately every nine years, starting when the tree is 25 years old, which is a far faster rate of renewal than wood...

Cork tree bark And, check this out...

Harvesting the cork actually encourages more growth throughout the tree's 150 plus years of life. Now that is what we call sustainability!

co-friendly cork flooring has an expected lifespan of up to 60 years, which for most people means it will be the last floor they ever put in their home.

How Is The Cork Harvested?

The majority of cork oak trees grow in Portugal, Italy, Spain, and Southern France, where the climate and soil is ideal for cork. Portugal is the largest cork-producing country, with approximately a fifty percent share of the market.

There are many different species of cork tree, but only ONE that is used for wine corks and eco cork flooring. This particular type of tree produces a substance called "suberin", which has a waxy quality and naturally resists moisture, mildew, insect problems, and mold...

Perfect characteristics for flooring needs!

When this bark is harvested, it is first used to produce corks for wine bottles. Then the excess pieces of cork are gathered together and processed into sheets for flooring. Not only is cork a renewable resource harvested in an eco-friendly way, but cork flooring is itself a remarkably efficient use of resources.

Why Should You Consider Eco Cork Flooring?

Cork flooring texture and color sample Cork floors are also hypoallergenic and fire resistant, don't attract dust, and can even function as a natural insect repellent. Eco cork flooring can be used over radiant floor heat.

Cork usually comes in easy to install tiles, which can float directly over most existing floors. They are easy to clean with eco friendly floor cleaning products or simply sweep or vacuum and mop with a vinegar and water solution.

If your eco friendly cork flooring experiences particularly heavy wear, you can refinish it similar to any other wood flooring, which makes it a wise choice!

Where To Find Eco Friendly Cork Flooring

Eco cork flooring is available in a wide variety of shades of brown, from nearly white to nearly black, as well as colored and even metallic sheens. Most cork floors have a fairly textured look.

Light colored even pattern eco cork floor tile Here are some of the largest and best-known manufacturers of eco-friendly cork flooring for you to select from:

  • Durocork is a large manufacturer available through Home Depot.
  • Natural Floors by US Floors is another major manufacturer of cork tiles. Their products are widely available through Lowes box stores nationwide.
  • The Floor Mall has a wide variety of Natural Cork floor styles.
  • Expanko is another place known for naturally colored cork selections.
  • Eco provides a range of color cork options for you to choose from.
  • Cork Concepts offers glue down styled tiles in many colors and metallic sheens.
Enjoy your shopping experience. I'll be sure to add some discount coupons soon!