Additional Green Eco Friendly
Resources And Friends

Nol image Although my expertise and effort in the area of environmental and human well-being is new, I hope to develop and communicate with some like-minded friends, visitors, counterparts and contacts along the way.

As I go forward with the publishing of the site, I am sure there will be some green eco friendly topics and ideas that someone else or some other organization has really done a phenomenal job at explaining or commenting on. I will post links to these additional resources throughout the site and also here on this eco friendly resources and friends page.

Also, if my thoughts or comments about a particular subject are not enough to warrant creating a new page here on the site for you, I will simply provide you access to the great eco articles and comments that I find during my research and meandering by posting and hopefully neatly categorizing them for you here.

I hope that this list of eco friends and resources are helpful in raising your awareness and assisting you with your move to a more eco friendly lifestyle and philosophy.

As always...Enjoy!

Green & Eco Friendly Blog Roll

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