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British UK flag set on the map of Britain UK England Below is a list of some common eco green environmental issues and topics in the UK. As a Commenting Citizen Constituent, you are encouraged to provide your thoughts, ideas, opinions or solutions about this list and other environmental issues on your mind in the form below and also enjoy what others have posted and shared as well.

Currently, there are no Eco Delegate Representatives of the UK Assembly Forum. If you are interested in keeping the citizens of Britain and the UK informed with up-to-date discussion, debate and possible activism, and you would like to contribute articles to this forum on a regular or semi-regular basis, sign-up to become an Eco Delegate to represent your region in the UK, as part of The United Nations of Green Eco Friendly Citizens.

The following are some of the environmental issues that are facing the green citizens of the UK. What are your thoughts or ideas about these topics and what other issues do you feel should garner some attention from your fellow citizens and politicians?

  • One quarter of the people who previously believed climate change to be well established (41% of the population) are no longer sure of the science's validity.
  • Ireland's environment minister went as far as to block advertisements making claims about climate change's anthropocentric roots.
  • Sales of organic foods have slowed recently in the UK by 1.7% compared to 2008, which is below the average annual growth rate of 26%. At the same time, sales of organics at farmer's markets have increased by 18.6%.
  • Though UK utility companies have increased renewables, most of it goes to businesses. The environment benefits promised by green tariffs for homeowners have not been realized.
  • The average Brit uses approximately 160 m3 of water every year, which is well below countries like Canada and the United States.
  • In the UK, forested areas have increased by about 10% since 1990 despite population growth during that same time period.
  • UK households throw away approximately 6.7 million tonnes of organic waste every year, 70% of which is municipal green waste from gardens and parks.
  • Britain alone produces approximately 30 million tonnes of waste annually, a number that has increased by about 7% every year.
  • The UK is a testing ground for electric vehicles, and with big incentives for car owners, the ownership rate of these vehicles is expected to grow. The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is aiming to make his city the electric car capital of Europe by adding 100,000 of the vehicles to the road with 25,000 charging stations.

What Are YOUR Feelings, Ideas, Thoughts, Comments Or Solutions On These And Other Environmental Issues Facing The UK And It's Citzens?

This page and the UK eco friendly green community is not complete without hearing what you have to say about the issues and challenges that the United Kingdom is up against.

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