Share Your Personal Eco
Moment-Of-Truth Confessions
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Your Eco Friendly OR Unfriendly Actions,
Thoughts And Opinions

Understanding WHAT We Do And WHY We Do It, May Lead Us To Progress...This can be a very powerful outlet for all of us to express what goes through our minds during that moment of truth as we are deciding to make an eco friendly or eco unfriendly choice, either during a product selection process or action that likely impacts the Earth in a positive or negative way.

This will include such a wide variety of circumstances such as dumping your old mattress on the side of the road because you just didn't know how to get rid of it! Or something friendly like using a stainless steel eco friendly bottle for your portable water dispenser for the past year instead of buying bottled water, how many plastic bottles you think you have saved from going to the landfill and how you feel about it...

It could even be those decisions that you made leading up to, during and after a painting project, your transportation choices, building, remodeling, gardening methods, mercury thermometer disposal (brain toxin) or your decision to use reusable eco friendly bags, rather than the plastic store bags at the check out counter, etc.

I think I'll cringe the first time we see someone confessing to pouring their motor-oil down the storm drain in front of their house. But we need get all of this out in the open and try to figure out what makes us tick! It'll help us fully understand the eco problems we have and it may be the only way to develop REAL solutions that last and become second nature to most of us.

The possibilities for submissions are really unlimited here...

Whenever we become conscious that an eco moment of truth has taken place during the day, week or month, each of us can post our thoughts, experience and ultimate decisions here.

This May Become The Most Important
And Useful Page On The Site...

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After some time goes by, I believe that the Eco Friendly Or Unfriendly Moments Of Truth Confession pages submitted by all of us, with the comments by others that follow, may become the very best pages on this site and may provide some exciting direct insight into the challenges of being eco friendly at the most important time of the time of decision.

After all, this is when it counts!

Thinking green and talking green are nice but truly understanding the challenges that ultra-committed or moderately committed eco friendly citizens face, may help us develop methods for applying eco solutions for the masses.

The insight that each of us derives from reading the confession pages and added comment submissions that other visitors post on the individual confession pages, may lead us to some very creative thoughts, discussion, product suggestions and solutions for each situation and may remind us of a time when we were in the very same scenario as the person who posted the confession, but made a different choice during that Eco Moment Of Truth for a completely different set of reasons.

A brand new page will be created on this site with each of your personal Eco Moment Of Truth Confession submissions, so you have plenty of room to be creative and have some fun!

Eco Friendly Or Unfriendly
Moment of Truth Confessions

Our thoughts, comments, solutions, eco friendly product suggestions or same-scenario experiences can be posted as comments on a user's Eco Moment of Truth confession pages. Some of us may have DOZENS of these Moment Of Truth confession pages listed below, if we really pay attention to our thoughts and actions throughout each day!

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Here Is A List Of The Creative And Hopefully Insightful Eco Moment-Of-Truth Confessions Of Other Visitors

On behalf of the Visitors of the site and Myself, I express our appreciation for your entertaining and thought provoking submissions!

Thank you,
Nolan [:o)

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