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American flag set on the map of the USA Below is a list of some common eco green environmental issues and topics in America. As a Commenting Citizen Constituent, you are encouraged to provide your thoughts, ideas, opinions or solutions about this list and other environmental issues on your mind in the form below and also enjoy what others have posted and shared as well.

Currently, there are no Eco Delegate Representatives of the American Assembly Forum. If you are interested in keeping the citizens of the United States informed with up-to-date discussion, debate and possible activism, and you would like to contribute articles to this forum on a regular or semi-regular basis, sign-up to become an Eco Delegate to represent your region in the USA, as part of The United Nations of Eco Friendly Green Citizens.

The following are some of the environmental issues that are facing the green citizens of America. What are your thoughts or ideas about these topics and what other issues do you feel should garner some attention from your fellow citizens and politicians?

  • Only 52% of Americans support investments into solving climate change, especially if it negatively affects the economy. And with growing distrust in the science and confusion over things like cap and trade, the support is likely to decrease in the coming years rather than go up.
  • Americans use about 1,600 m3 of water annually, which is in line with countries like Canada, but ten times more than conserving countries like the UK.
  • The US and China are vying for the title as biggest per capita carbon dioxide emitters (per $1 GDP). Though American production of this greenhouse gas has grown only 18%, their emissions are more than 250% higher than developing countries such as India and Russia.
  • The Americans have increased their terrestrial and marine protected areas from 14.6% in 1990 to 22.3% in 2008—a 52% increase in 18 years. That's better than many other developed countries, including Canada.
  • Americans have managed to reduce their overall production of ozone-depleting CFCs by 69 ODP tonnes in recent years.
  • Despite a slumped economy, US families are not forgoing their organic food purchases, with 73% of American households purchasing organics at least occasionally. Of this number 32% are new to the market, with the remaining people either experienced or seasoned organic buyers.
  • The average American household has increased the weight of garbage they produce from 3.66 pounds to 4.5 pounds per person per day from 1980 levels, though recycling rates have also increased over the same time period. The amount sent to landfills has decreased from 89% to 54%.

What Are YOUR Feelings, Ideas, Thoughts, Comments Or Solutions On These And Other Environmental Issues Facing America And It's Citzens?

This page and the American eco friendly green community is not complete without hearing what you have to say about the issues and challenges that the United States is up against.

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