Eco Friendly Jewelry
Is Becoming Mainstream

But What Exactly Is Eco Conscious Jewelry Anyway?

Ten years ago, if you asked a jewelry store owner if he had any eco friendly rings, most likely your question would have been met with a blank stare. Today, the call for eco friendly jewelry is getting louder. From recycled materials, to ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones, you can add a bit of eco-bling to your jewelry box without the added guilt of wasting resources.

Another wonderful way to go green with your jewelry purchase is to choose vintage, estate or antique jewelry which does not utilize any new materials or resources. This is also a brilliant way to add a unique touch to your accessories.

Jewelry made decades ago was created with a different fashion sense and era in mind. Don't be fooled by 'antique style' jewelry that is new but made to look as if it was antique. There is nothing green or eco friendly about this type of purchase.

Eco Chic Recycled Jewelry

You may not think of recycling and jewelry in the same sentence. Luckily, many talented artisans do just that. Around the world, creative jewelry makers are looking beyond the traditional materials used to make bracelets and rings and turning unexpected raw materials into stunning works of wearable art.

Both gold and silver can be recycled into new pieces of jewelry. Opting for recycled jewelry can save the planet from being purged unnecessarily of limited and precious resources. One shining example of recycled jewelry that is no sacrifice in terms of style and quality is Toby Pomeroy who uses only recycled gold and silver in his designs.

A great place to start your search for recycled jewelry is From antique buttons to recycled silver, you can find any type of jewelry that has had a previous life. A superb example of unexpected recycled materials used as jewelry is created by an designer who goes by the design name SevenPly. This talented artisan goes green by taking old broken skateboards and giving them a new life as a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. You can visit the SevenPly store and glimpse these great affordable eco jewelry pieces for yourself.

Another smart way to green your jewelry is to go through your jewelry box and find old pieces that you no longer wear. Once you find several pieces that have some value, you can take them into a trusted jeweler to melt down and create a new piece of jewelry that you design.

Shopping For Eco Friendly Jewelry

Choosing recycled jewelry is one method of going green when it comes to your jewelry purchase. Another amazing way to choose eco friendly jewelry is to look for natural materials such as sea glass, wool and sustainable wood. Here are few amazing companies creating distinctive, gorgeous eco friendly jewelry with a conscience.

Betty Belts - From wooden cuffs made from sustainable sono wood to stunning and sustainably farmed mother of pearl, each design is lovingly created to honor Mother Nature as well as your unique sense of style. - At Eco-Artware, you will find an array of designers featuring eco friendly jewelry to satisfy every style. Some of the unusual materials you will find include magazine pages and NYC transit tokens.

Eco Friendly Or Ethical Diamonds?

When thoughts of matrimony pop up, one of the first steps to seal the engagement is to purchase a diamond ring. Today, more couples are making a conscious choice to shop for a diamond that has been ethically sourced and even recycled. Besides choosing an antique or estate ring that has already been produced, choosing an ethically sourced diamond is a great way to preserve the earth that you plan to live on for many years to come.

Most diamonds used today come from diamond mines in Africa or Canada. Today, it is ever important to choose products which represent a social awareness and environmental responsibility to protect natural resources. You can definitely choose to make a statement and forego the sparkling diamond, but if you do choose the engagement ring there are ethical and sustainable choices that do not sacrifice your personal style.

One company making eco friendly choices when sourcing diamonds is All of the Namibian diamonds used by Brilliant Earth are sourced finished within Namibia's own borders. This enables the country to take advantage of much-needed jobs, health care as well as education opportunities for its people.

Today, the Certificate of Origin provided by Brilliant Earth verifies that the diamond mining regions are closely monitored for environmental impacts with special care to rehabilitate the land after use.

Fair Trade and Local Jewelry

Fair Trade products are those that support the work and crafts of artisans around the globe who live in underdeveloped communities. When you choose jewelry which is Certified Fair Trade you help to guarantee that a fair wage is paid and employment is available in otherwise depressed areas. Most fair trade jewelry is hand-made with the use of local and natural materials.

Some artisans become members of the Fair Trade Federation, a trade association that is committed to building and maintaining equitable relationships between artisans and consumers around the world. Another way to support local fair trade is to search out jewelry that was handmade by an artist in your own town.

When you are searching for Fair Trade jewelry and accessories, you may be lucky enough to have a local shop where you can peruse global creations. If you are searching online, a few great places to start your Fair Trade search are:

WedgeWorlwide - is an online retailer with a mission to bring Fair Trade, local and recycled products to you. Each unique piece of jewelry sold helps to empower both you and the person who created it while supporting the health of the planet.

TenThousandVillages - This amazing online retailer has brought together 130 artisan groups in over 38 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America in one of the first Fair Trade organizations to provide handmade goods and guarantee suitable working conditions and wages.

GiftsWithHumanity - From recycled telephone wires to copper, you will find a beautiful selection of Fair Trade creations from all over the world.

Eco Friendly Jewelry Boxes

Once you have gone green with your amazing new eco friendly jewelry, you will need a place to safely display and store your new accouterments. Conventionally made wooden jewelry boxes are typically lacquered in a toxic finish and made using anything but eco friendly materials. If you don't already have a jewelry box to keep your accessories organized and neatly displayed, check out an eco friendly option made from recycled or repurposed materials.

Find some distinctive choices for storing your eco friendly jewelry at Offering several options for jewelry storage, VivaTerra combines a reverence for nature and beauty in choices such as a recycled metal Twig Jewelry Stand, a great decorative alternative to a closed jewelry box.