BP Gulf Oil Gusher And The Politics That Endanger Environmental Health

by Miranda Yearwood-Brumbaugh
(Cornelia, Georgia, US)

First it was called a leak of surface oil, and then it became a full-blown gushing of oil resulting from an explosion. How in the world has technology advanced so far, yet this huge corporation did not detect an explosion?

The lies start here, and since the American people have no sense of urgency about this situation, there is no telling what else will get covered up.

It's time to take a stand!

This oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico reached the coasts of Louisiana already, and will hit Mississippi, Alabama and Florida in the next few days. However, most Americans are not really aware of how big of a crisis this oil rig explosion is, and not only in terms of environmental issues, but in personal effects of vacation plans, dinner menus, gas prices, etc...

NOAA Official

These coastlines provide food, recreation as well as homes to most Americans. This oil is pouring out into the ocean at an average of 42,000 gallons per day, as reported by the Coast Guard and company officials.

Meanwhile, the intervention to repair the damage looks to be near-impossible, and is expected to take months to complete. So what are they going to do in the meantime? Just let the oil leak and leak and leak???

The problem is, most Americans do not really care about the environment in a sense that they would actually try and save it. It is one thing to go to the zoo and patronize wild animals, but it is another thing for people to sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of others.

I say this in regard to the capitalistic ideas of the U.S., leaving those who are interested in global warming and pollution to be called pacifists and hippies who are out in la-la land.

“If it doesn't make money, what good is it,” can be heard repeatedly all over the country.

The only thing that will get the attention of Americans will be the economic impact of this oil spill.

While the impact could take weeks or even months to strike the heart of Americans, this oil spill catastrophe will result in lost jobs putting more people in the unemployment system. This will cause taxpayers more expense, consumers will pay more for seafood, as there may be a complete lack of affordable shrimp and fish which will most definitely be contaminated from the oil.

There will probably be more expense from the Hazmat teams and government emergency relief crews, resulting in increased economical concerns, as well as the always steady rise of fuel prices which will definitely be affected by this BP oil spill. Yet, as an American who has perused the local news reports to learn more about this situation, there is a lack of urgency like you wouldn't believe.

First of all, BP lied, or “underestimated,” the enormous quality of oil that they were leaking into the ocean. Then, while the reports showed some concern from BP officials, the real concern came from the Louisiana fisherman who desperately need to be able to go fishing in order to support themselves financially by taking the seafood to the market.

Either way, the only people who are really acting on this crisis, are those with a financial interest, and neither side is worried so much about saving the environment. Not only does this show a complete disregard to the concerns of the environmental issues developing as a result of this crisis, but also displays the insensitive nature of most Americans when it comes to protecting the environment.

The only way anything will happen is if enough money is lost resulting from this disaster. Until a price is placed on the effects of the massive oil leakage, no one is going to want to do anything, because it will “stir up the nest” so to speak. This oil spill will cause billions of dollars that will leave a bigger burden on the already fragile economy of the U.S...

White House Briefing on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak

And to top it all off, for those conspirators out there, Halliburton, who is owned by ex-VP Dick Cheney, is the company that provided a whole range of services, including cementing on the oil well to stabilize its walls, which obviously did not work so well, and will most definitely be involved in the repairs and reconstruction of the rig if they ever get it to stop leaking.

Things that make ya go.....Hmmm?

Doesn't it seem that oil companies always exploit a crisis in order to line their pockets with even more money? Let me know what you think and feel about all this mess...


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