Are Bamboo Blinds The Perfect Choice For Your Window Treatment Project?

Bamboo Blinds Are One Of The Most Popular Bamboo Products In The World Today

Doing market surveys and research for you on bamboo blinds is not only my job but it continues to be very enjoyable. I've always been pretty earthy-crunchy when it comes to decor so these are right up my alley.

After seeing all of the design possibilities of bamboo shades and blinds, the thought of installing plastic or vinyl blinds on any of my windows is gone forever.

There is perhaps no more appealing way to maintain the natural look and feel of your windows than by using blinds made from organic bamboo. The dual benefit of using bamboo derived products goes beyond practicality and impeccable design, to also aiding with the environmental concerns you have of the Earth as well.

Dual Eco-Friendly Benefits

Not only is bamboo a highly durable, renewable and efficient resource, bamboo blinds assist with the challenges in homes that are insufficiently insulated, by protecting the heat in the winter and preserving your air-conditioned cooler temperatures in those hot summer months.

Whether you choose vertical style blinds, matchstick type blinds, bamboo mini-blinds or even custom made bamboo blinds, you are assured to reap incredible benefits that surpass all synthetic options and are apt to fit into every household decorating budget.

Blinds made of bamboo are not new. They have been handmade and used for centuries in the East. Now, those of us in the West can realize the eco-friendly benefits to using theses blinds and other bamboo window treatments in the home. They are almost certain to be the optimum choice for any window treatment.

They are durable enough to be used outside on patios and the styles available provide endless opportunity to please even the most concerted buyer.

Bamboo grows naturally and abundantly in many parts of the Eastern world. In total, there are over 35 million square acres of it today. Bamboo requires little to no pesticide or chemical intervention in order to reach desirable growth and it renews itself without reseeding.

It also grows extremely fast and has a role in protecting the natural environments of the forest in which they grow. Whereas many traditional wood 'cash-crops' are subsequently clear-cut, which greatly reduces the intended environmental benefits. Bamboo on the other hand, grows fast enough and is readily available, ensuring that there is no risk of harvesting it into extinction.

Aside from providing a great deal of exportable resources to the countries that grow the crop, there are also little to no environmental hazards involved in the process of fabricating bamboo products.

Much of the energy used to support bamboo facilities or plants is manpower, rather than electrical or fossil-fuel sources. Bamboo is also used efficiently; meaning that all parts of the plants are used for a purpose. Some bamboo blinds are made from the reeds, grass or soft wood parts of the plants and the excess is used in other bamboo products.

In addition, bamboo is completely bio-degradable and aside from the tiny hardware parts associated with building the blinds, they are sure to not add to the existing problems we currently face with landfills.

Not only does bamboo seem to be the greenest choice, there are very few other products that offer as much versatility and natural beauty than bamboo. These earthy blinds come in a wide variety of colors and have a textured feel that bears likeness to wood. They can compliment the tone of every room in the home and match or enhance wall and furniture colors.

Bamboo is Known for Being Like Wine, It Gets Better With Age!

The timeless beauty of the grains and colors will intensify the longer you own them. With the durability of most of these products, you can rest assured that they will last for as long as you need them to.

Bamboo is even safe and recommended for use on the patio and does not become damaged or weakened through moisture, heat or cold. This makes them a perfect choice regardless of where you live.

Let’s face it, regardless of how eco-friendly bamboo blinds are, you probably have the desire to improve and sustain the look and feel of our home. Just because you may be sold on a product because of ONE of its features, does not always mean that you are pleased with the options or styles that are available.

Fortunately, bamboo window coverings come in a plethora of colors and designs...

These include bamboo mini-blinds, bamboo vertical blinds, bamboo patio blinds or bamboo outdoor blinds, matchstick style blinds and even faux bamboo blinds.

The colors of bamboo blinds can range from soft and supple tans to deep and rich burgundies or deep browns. All have a natural appeal and provide a feeling of warmth and luxury in every room or even on your patio, porch or gazebo.

Whether you prefer the ease of roll up, hobbled or roman bamboo blinds, you are assured to find a great style to match your needs.


They come in the traditional top-down/bottom-up or top-down only as well as waterfall optioned. They have all the same feature options that traditional blinds have, such as the continuous loop cord lift etc.

However, bamboo material has the likeness of wood, without all of the extra weight, so they are easily installed without the help of a professional. This can make them even more cost efficient than other styles.

They are an exceptional choice for their energy efficiency. Many ALLOW a certain percentage of light to enter a room, while maintaining the privacy that is important in a blind. Others can block sunlight out completely, if that is what you need for a particular room or application.

These blinds are an efficient thermal regulating option for rooms that either lose heat quickly or are difficult to keep cool in the summer months. By choosing woven bamboo blinds this entire scenario can be eliminated.

We all seem to have that one room that faces the afternoon sun which causes your air-conditioner to run like crazy in the summertime...

This can be very expensive!

Covering the window completely with thick drapes or shades blocks you from the nourishment and enjoyment of outdoor light and can take away from the beauty of a favorite room.

This is where blinds of bamboo or matchstick blinds become an optimum choice.

Here is why...

Many choices of bamboo window coverings can reduce sunlight anywhere from 25% - 100%. You choose the light reduction that need for the specific room and window that you are upgrading.

With such vast options, you are sure to find the perfect solution for each room by using blinds of bamboo. It is likely to see a reduced utility cost in a home and since blinds made of bamboo are affordable to begin with. This only makes them an even more sensible choice for every homeowner.

The quality and durability of blinds made with bamboo material and all other bamboo window coverings options cannot be surpassed by the other products on the market.

When you compound the eco-friendly solution offered by bamboo from its production to its biodegradable status, the cost effectiveness of not only of the blinds themselves but the money that can be saved in energy. It only makes perfect sense to replace current window coverings with bamboo blinds or bamboo shades.

The beauty of most bamboo home decor is sure to last a lifetime and add exactly the perfect accent to every room in your home. They are affordable and practical for more reasons than just appearance alone.