Can A Bamboo Headboard Become The Focal Point Of Your Bedroom?

Many Are Deciding To
Make A Bamboo Headboard Themselves!

Bamboo is becoming an incredibly popular decorating and building material. After all, this fast growing grass can be produced at rates ten times quicker than wood, and it's very environmentally friendly. Bamboo production requires no monocultures, no fertilizers, and minimal pesticides, and processing can be done with a minimum of chemicals, too.

Bamboo makes wonderful fabric, flooring, furniture, and other decor items. Here's some information about increasingly popular bamboo headboards.

Bamboo headboards come in a number of styles and sizes, so you'll find bamboo queen headboards, king sized headboards, and ones made for smaller beds, as well. The most common variety is made from poles of bamboo cut and fastened together, but there are many variations.

Some headboards made from this attractive, sustainable plant are also done in a woven bamboo style. These are flatter than the round type. There are also headboards made from half-round pieces of bamboo, or a bamboo cane cut down the middle, and full beds and bamboo bedroom sets made from this material. You can even find out how to make a bamboo headboard of your own, as long as you have a good supply of bamboo and a little bit of knowhow.

This type of headboard is the perfect addition to any Asian or Polynesian themed bedroom, or to more general tropical themes. However, bamboo isn't just for this kind of specialty decor. It can also work very well with many contemporary decorating schemes, as well. You just have to look for the right type of headboard and the right style of bamboo. After all, there are hundreds of species of this sustainable grass in the world, but not all of them look the same.

Bamboo species come in a number of different colors and patterns naturally, from the familiar light shades to darker bamboo (some is even black) and mottled types. In addition, there are also dyed, lacquered, and heat treated bamboos. You can also find faux bamboo headboards, but they're usually not as environmentally friendly as the real thing.

Dyes will give bamboo just about any color you can hope for, though this has to be done at the factory, since home methods can't penetrate bamboo's tough exterior. Laquered bamboo is usually red or black, and heat treated bamboo comes in a range of light tans through brown and black. The hotter and longer the treatment, the darker and softer the bamboo will become.

This means that it's easy to find the perfect type of bamboo headboard for your home, no matter what your decorating style and preferences are. If you're thinking about something different looking and more environmentally friendly, bamboo might be the right choice for your bedroom.