A Bamboo Floor Vase Is The Obvious Choice For Enhancing Your Home

Remaining Eco Conscious While Decorating

Red floor vase with lilies Your home says a lot about you and a bamboo floor vase could be just the item you need.

The way you decorate is not only an indication of your interests, but also serves as an opportunity for you to find and indulge in some home-sweet-home comfort. Some people scatter angels all around their home while others are passionate about house plants or ceramic frogs.

No matter what your interests are, there is a chance that you are also concerned with the environment and want to take a proactive approach to green decorating.

In addition to that, surrounding yourself with items from or about nature is an excellent way to bring the beauty and warmth of the outdoors inside to enjoy day in and day out. One of the easiest and most versatile ways to "naturally" decorate is by using products that are made of bamboo or bamboo fibers.

Discover Some Invaluable Reasons to Choose Bamboo for Your Home

You may be wondering, why bamboo? Bamboo is a highly renewable resource that has abundant uses around the home. From clothing to furniture and endless other decorative items, bamboo is becoming more versatile, economical and eco-friendly than any other product. Even better, bamboo is a widely untapped resource that grows feverishly and wild in certain parts of the world. Large salt ceder colored vase

The excavating of bamboo crops does not in any way hinder environmental needs and the processing procedures emit tremendously lower emissions than other textile products.

Bamboo fields have never had to be clear cut in order to meet demand and some varieties of bamboo grow up to 3 feet a day after being cut down!

Okay, let's talk decorating!

You want to decorate your home so that it gives you and others visiting that certain feel. You may imagine bamboo products to be stiff or course and lack the versatility of color choice but you would be mistaken. Bamboo can be produced in every shade known to man.

Bamboo can also be spun, pressed or made into textiles that give it the feel of cotton or wood. Regardless of what you are looking for, you are certain to find a bamboo product that matches and blends with your decor.

Another benefit to using bamboo is that the product is durable enough to be used indoors or out. It withstands moisture and humidity and most of the bamboo floor vases found here can be placed on a porch or patio, as well as anywhere inside your home. Now that's versatility that packs a punch.

A Bamboo Floor Vase, the Must Have Bamboo Accessory That Fits Anywhere in Your Home

5ft red floor vase Bamboo floor vases have become a new trend in home decorating. Not just because they are beautiful, but also because they are exquisite in craftsmanship and sing to the tune of the "going green" band.

Even if you are not overly concerned with green products you will be amazed at how easy it is to choose a bamboo vase over a clay or wood counterpart.

Bamboo vases can add the perfect natural touch to any area of your home and are offered in such wide variety that you will never feel like you have to settle just to buy bamboo.

The bamboo vases featured in this article will often surprise you and as you will see - not only is bamboo a responsible choice; they are also economical and beautiful!

Bamboo vases come in all sorts of varieties. Specifically you will notice that you can choose either carved and split bamboo or bamboo fiber vases. All of these are suitable as floor vases or individual table top vases. One of the greatest features about choosing bamboo crafted vases is that they will always be a one-of a kind. Due to the artisan like development of bamboo and the crafting method, they all have their very own unique look, even if the shapes and colors are similar.

So which is best for you? Well, that depends on exactly what you are looking for.

Unleash the Nature Lover in You with Handmade Bamboo Craftsmanship

Bamboo carved floor vases are truly a delight in craftsmanship. The bamboo utilized for carving is normally of the larger stalk variety.
>br> Although bamboo carving is an ancient art form it was reinvented as little as 20 years ago by peasants in the Zhejiang Province. The artist chooses the raw bamboo and then allows it to air dry before being carved.

When the culms are dry the bamboo can be carved. The surface of the bamboo is polished to a high sheen and then the artist can carve or imprint the chosen design. Bamboo plantation floor vase with lilies

After the carving phase is complete the bamboo vases are finished in various colors depending on marketability. Most of the carved bamboo vases are hued in deeper reds or coffee-like colors. Your carved bamboo floor vases will definitely be a unique piece of art work and can be used as simple home decor or to house flowers, plants or dried stems around the home.

The rich coffee tones are sure to complement and blend in with any of the wood tones that you already have in your home. Split bamboo is also an excellent choice for bamboo floor vases. Split bamboo is essentially exactly what it says.

The bamboo cane is split into small pieces or strips and then the artist can craft, mold and form them together in order to make the floor vase. They are just as durable as other bamboo floor vases and offer a more relaxed and outdoorsy feel.

Many people choose split bamboo floor vases for decorating on the patio as they naturally blend in with the environment. When you see a vase that says "spun bamboo fiber", you will also be getting a bamboo product. However this indicates that it was processed in a textile mill.

Spun fiber bamboo, such as all of the vases pictured above, are made from an abundantly available form of bamboo and can be delicate enough to be used for clothing or course and durable enough to be used for furniture or floor vases.

So which to choose? That is more likely a matter of preference. With so many to choose from, no matter what kind you like, you will definitely be drawn to one floor vase over another because of the way its beauty strikes you.

Quite Possibly the Best Product Choice in the World Today, Bamboo Makes a Comeback by Remaining Environmentally Friendly

We live in a new world. Now, it is only reasonable to be concerned with our environment and the impact that our purchasing power can have on it. One of the surprising features about bamboo products is that bamboo is grown effectively without the use of commercial pesticides or toxins.

Other materials that we choose for our home are mass produced in textile mills that emit deadly carcinogens into the atmosphere. Natural products are often grown in excess and processed to the point of extinction using chemical enhancement and growth hormones.

Bamboo, naturally ultra fast growing on its own doesn’t need fertilizers or pesticides to remain fruitful. In fact, bamboo is in no way being cultivated to extinction like other popular products. It regrows after being cut! It seems senseless to destroy the outdoors in order to decorate the indoors.

By abstaining from chemicals there is no run off into pertinent waters or contamination of crops or other resources in the area where bamboo flourishes naturally. Another consideration is that bamboo cultivation requires more manual labor.

For under privileged countries where bamboo grows in its innate form; this means many jobs and export income where it is needed most. The factories or mills that produce these bamboo products do not emit harmful emissions into the atmosphere and the rain forest is actually being preserved through bamboo cultivation.

You never have to settle when choosing bamboo floor vases. It may seem that they all have a similar appearance or color trend; but there is nothing further from the truth. Widely, the reddish and burgundy varieties (like above) seem to be the most popular; but bamboo floor vases are readily available in natural tans and browns as well. These colors seem to add to the natural palette and warmth of the product itself. They are absolutely appropriate for not just the home but the office as well. Some of the most beautiful, natural toned bamboo floor vases on the market today are the following!

Surprising Splashes of Color, Proving Bamboo Floor Vases Can Definitely Add Spice to Your Home Decor!

You expect the earthy tans, natural, burgundy and cocoa tans of bamboo floor vases. You can probably even envision the black and darker inlaid tones that adorn many of the featured vases. You may even feel limited, thinking that bamboo floor vases will not provide you the opportunity to add splashes of color to your decor. Nothing can be further from the truth!

Bamboo, like wood can be specialty stained to stand out and look beautiful in any color. Imagine reds, emerald greens and saturated blue bamboo floor vases adding vibrant color and eye popping appeal to your home. Now, that can become a reality!

Recycling, Responsibly and Our In With the Old & Out With the New Culture

Although bamboo will likely last forever; enduring indoor and outdoor conditions of humidity there is yet another fundamental aspect to why bamboo is such an awesome choice in product material. When you choose bamboo, you are choosing a product that is 100% natural and therefore 100% biodegradable. This is not to say that you will want to throw out your beautiful new bamboo floor vases or other products; but it does reduce the amounts of other materials that will be invading our landfills.

Unlike plastic, metal or other synthetic materials that will never biodegrade, however bamboo will. By purchasing products like bamboo mini-blinds over their plastic counterparts, you are ensuring that when it is time to replace them- you will not be irresponsibly adding to the growing problems of landfills and contamination. Bamboo is from the earth and can return to it with ease.

More than likely you will treasure these bamboo floor vases for an eternity and pass them down through generations to come; but the point is that bamboo is clearly the environmentally friendly and socially responsible choice. For every problem, there is a cure in nature.

Bamboo shows us that we do not have to compromise quality, appearance and craftsmanship just to remain eco-friendly.

Introducing Metallic Bamboo, Blending the Best of Both World’s

You have seen the sand and dusty naturals, the deep and rich burgundies and browns and the vibrant greens, reds and blues of bamboo floor vases. For many people, adding a touch of metallic in their home offers just the right amount of decorating savvy. After all, metal is an earth element as well.

The metallic bamboo vases collide the best of both worlds. You get 100% natural bamboo products infused with metallic finishes that shine and definitely offer a sleek and modern statement. The metallic’s come in copper, silver and gold tones. They are a great choice for holiday decorating and add warmth and interest to every day decor.

Quality & Eco-Friendliness Are Primary Reasons to Choose Bamboo, Now Discover All the Choices You Really Have When it Comes to Bamboo Decor

You have probably seen more than a few bamboo floor vases that you would love to add to your home. The truth is that there isn’t a room in the home that can’t benefit from bamboo products. You may not know that you can find bamboo products for just about every decorating need in your home.

Bamboo is extremely versatile. The mini-blinds and roman shades that you use in your home are all available in bamboo. Additionally, bamboo is a sturdy and durable substance that can make fine home furnishings as well.

Looking for a lamp to complement that exquisite new bamboo floor vase you just purchased? Look no further. Bamboo lamps and lamp shades are an easy way to transform any room in your home. There is a certain look and feel that only comes from using bamboo.

Obviously, there are no limits to texture or color when it comes to purchasing bamboo products. The craftspeople and artisans offer one of a kind and truly unique products that can please even the most concerted buyer.

Just as these prominent and satisfying bamboo floor vases can punctuate the look and feel to any room, there are a plethora of smaller accent vases and decorative pieces that will pull the whole room together. Combined with a bamboo table and some versatile and beautifully bamboo Roman Shades you will be able to create your island getaway in no time.

There really are no limits. Bamboo, because it is made of a natural substance is a great choice for outdoor decorating as well. It naturally withstands heat and humidity. Although it, like anything else will fade in the sun - often it just gets better with age.

Cleaning your bamboo products is a breeze as well. You don’t need to use any special cleaners or substances as bamboo can be wiped with a soapy, warm cloth.

Consider this! Bamboo is resilient enough to be used for furniture yet is also able to be made into functional, comfortable and healthy clothing. It seems that there truly is no more reliable, healthy, renewable and sustainable resource on Earth.

As time goes on with your help and websites like this one, the sky will be the limit. Pretty soon we will all be wearing bamboo fiber socks, tee-shirts, and eating on bamboo dinner tables on our gorgeous bamboo flooring.

Not only will all of these bamboo products look and feel great, but the Earth will reap the benefits of our choice. Hence the name Bamboo Earth Emporium!

Making Conscious, Responsible & Informed Choices Is the Key to Saving the Earth

This article has probably taught you a lot of things about bamboo. Few of us realize the environmental consequences that result from the every day things that we purchase. Often we buy products for our home based on cost, ease of use or quite simply convenience. Bamboo is just as convenient yet the rewards far outreach our own homes.

Choosing bamboo products makes a statement about global consciousness and our need to begin thinking of ways to remain eco-friendly while being able to get what we want. Probably the leading factor that so many people buy bamboo is because it looks exquisite, natural and tastefully enhances and infuses every area of the home with stellar beauty.

Once you buy your first piece of bamboo and see how well it is made and how beautiful it really is; you will be convinced that bamboo is the textile product of the future. Almost all bamboo products are artfully made and crafted by artisans who have learned the careful art of bamboo crafting through generational lines. Each bamboo product you buy helps to sustain the rain-forest, keep underprivileged countries involved in export, reduces the amount of toxins, carcinogens and chemicals used in processing, alleviates deadly mill emissions and reduces the over crowding of the worlds land fills.

Bamboo quite poetically is the solution and resolution to many of the environmental problems that we face today. Fortunately, the rare and warm beauty of bamboo makes it a coveted and worthy choice as well! No matter what you need for your home, whether it be bamboo floor vases, furniture, shades, clothes, accent pieces, place-mats and even rugs, simply check out all the bamboo options that are awaiting you! You are sure to be pleasantly surprised!