Small Packaged Eco Friendly Cars,
The Mini Cooper

Bringing A Retrograde Look To The
Energy Efficient Green Car Market

Side profile of a white Mini Cooper Convertible by kenjonbro on Flickr Maybe you are looking for a way that you can bring together fun, style, and green to a vehicle. If so, then the Mini Cooper is one vehicle that may interest you. It is fun to drive, it is great on gas, and it looks great too. It definitely has a lot to offer someone who likes style while wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Mini Cooper has a retro look, which brings back memories of long ago Minis of the past. It offers some old school charm but it doesn't go too far with it. Because of the different trim levels, you are sure to find the option that will fit your needs and wants. With the base trim, people running errands or simply running to and from work are sure to be happy.

Side and rear view of black Mini Cooper S Convertible by themullett on Flickr However, if you want better handling and a sporty drive, then going with the S Turbocharged model you can get the handling and acceleration of a sports car, while still getting great fuel economy. The base model gets 32 mpg, and the John Cooper Works model and the S model both get 29 mpg.

In the past couple of years, there have been a variety of improvements done on the Mini Cooper, making them an even better option for you. They have new engines, the cabin is of higher quality, the seating is more comfortable, and more. There are roll bars that pop up, the trunk has a feature that expands it, and they have what is known as an Openometer, which lets you know how long you have the top down. Front view of first and second generation Mini Cooper in blue by themullett on Flickr

Although this hatchback or convertible isn't the most luxurious one, if you want a combination of fun, styles, and fuel efficiency, then the Mini Cooper deserves your consideration.

Safety, which is probably something very important to you, is well taken care of on this vehicle. Standard on these cars are front seat side air bags, anti-lock disc brakes, and stability control. The hatchback has side curtain airbags standard, and the convertible has standard rollover bars that pop up and side airbags that go all the way to the head.

You can also opt to have traction control on the car. In frontal crashes, the hatchback version of the Cooper got four out of five stars, and in the tests for side impact, it got a perfect five.

Although you may think that the interior would be too cramped for taller drivers, it accommodates taller people quite well, providing enough legroom and headroom. However, there is barely any legroom in the rear seat. The rear seat in the Mini Cooper also folds down to help expand the size of the trunk, giving you more room to carry items that are larger.