An Ultra Small Eco Friendly Car,
The Smart Fortwo

Is Purchasing A Green Micro-Vehicle
The Best Way To Save Energy?

Side profile of a white Smart Fortwo Cabrio by davidvillarreal on Flickr The Smart Fortwo is what is considered a micro car and within the past couple of years it recently arrived in the United States. If you are interested in saving on gas, this little 8' foot 8" inch vehicle is one that will definitely cut back on the amount of gasoline that you have to purchase, even with gas prices as high as they are.

The care only holds two people, but for those who merely need a cost effective and green mode of travel on their commute to work, this tiny car may be a wonderful choice.

The base model of the Smart Fortwo only costs a bit over $11,000, but the fully loaded option will cost you over $17,000. The gas mileage is the big draw to this eco-friendly car, and it boasts better than 40 mpg, which is definitely a big improvement over most of the vehicles out there on the road today.

Rear view of a white Smart Fortwo Cabrio by davidvillarreal on Flickr Across the world Smart has sold over 750,000 of these small cars and they are hoping to sell many of these vehicles in the United States as well. There are about 73 dealers in the United States that carry these vehicles and since they have been here for a couple of years now, they have become a bit more popular.

One of the main issues to consider if you are consider a Smart Fortwo is safety. This is a big issue with this vehicle. It is much smaller than even the subcompact cars on the road, and definitely smaller than most of the vehicles on American roads. There are big concerns about what will happen if these cars end up in a collision with a large vehicle, which is definitely a legitimate concern.

Not only is this vehicle a lot smaller than the other subcompact cars on the market within the United States, it is also a lot lighter as well. It weighs in at less than a ton, and this light weight gives this vehicle a big disadvantage if a collision occurs. Front and side view of a blue Smart Fortwo in a parking space next to an ordinary pick-up truck by fleur-design on Flickr However, you will find that there are safety features on this vehicle that work to keep drivers and their passenger protected. There is a safety cage made out of steel, two front airbags and two side airbags, and the car also has electronic stability control, which comes standard on it.

The president of the company assures consumers that this vehicle is designed well enough to get four of the five stars on a crash test in the United States, trying to assure potential buyers that this is a safe choice for their needs.

There are definite advantages to the Smart Fortwo. It is small, it does great on gas mileage, and offers a cheap and eco-friendly method of travel. However, you must also consider the disadvantages as well when trying to decide whether this is the right vehicle choice for your needs.