Water For Good, Water Management Plan In South Australia

by Therese
(Darwin, NT, Australia)

I have just finished reading about the "Water For Good" plan being implemented in South Australia. Being from South Australia (I no longer live there) and also having relatives still living there, I have heard how terrible the droughts were last year.

Water restrictions got pretty severe, you couldn't even wash your car. People had set days to water the garden. I have to say that I don?t think I would have liked to endure what they did. It makes you realize how precious water is.

Water now costs more per litre than fuel costs and over allocation of waters to farmers hasn't helped with this situation.

There is also one other big question, why is rice being grown in such large quantities in the driest state in the driest continent anyway? That is a big debate for another day.

The Australian Government's "Water For Good" plan looks promising. It states that the desalination plant will produce up to 100 billion litres of water each year and that?s water that is not dependent on rainfall. Mind you, they have to wait a couple more years to enjoy it.

Thankfully South Australia has had more rainfall recently and water restrictions have been relaxed. I live in the tropics, water is quite plentiful, so we don't know how it feels to have to shower with a bucket catching the water, or the desperation of gardeners watching their gardens die.

I would be really interested to hear how things are progressing with the "Water for Good" plan in SA lately...Have you heard the latest news on this?


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