What Is Carbon Trading? Do You Really Know What It’s All About?

by Jennifer

My Eco Friendly Friend Again!

My Eco Friendly Friend Again!

Do you know what carbon trading is? Australia is considering implementing this approach.

How can you trade in carbon? Well, as far as I understand it, carbon trading is a scheme to limit the amount of greenhouse gases that are released.

For example, if a company was releasing lots of greenhouse gases during the course of production, they could approach someone with land and pay them to plant some trees. The trees will produce carbon, which will help offset the greenhouse gases the company is releasing.

If enough trees are planted, there may be enough carbon to totally offset the damage the greenhouse gases are causing.

This is where the emissions trading scheme comes in. The Australian Government want to start this scheme as a form of carbon trading and have it all legislated as a way of cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions.

But it isn’t only Australia that’s interested in carbon trading. Countries all over the world are committed to cutting down on their greenhouse gas emissions as well. Together, the whole world can tackle climate change and hopefully stop the slow destruction of our planet.

But, one of the problems is getting all the countries to agree on the appropriate reduction levels. If we can’t reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are needed to actually make a positive impact on global warming, then there may not be much point!

What do you feel about this? Did the video help you understand the basics? Are you for or against this idea and most importantly...WHY?


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