We Don’t Need A Heated Earth, Can China Slow Its Growth?

by Justin He

Nowadays, any environmental problem is likely to be globalized. They are no longer specific to any country. Instead, all the nations on this planet have to face them. Among them, climax change is one of the most serious and challenging problems. The major cause to climax change is the seemingly endless emissions of carbon dioxide.

The emissions of carbon dioxide can cause great damage to human beings. The most serious harm is the greenhouse effect. By making the world warmer and warmer, the ice of Polar Regions will melt, and then cities of low sea level will disappear, such as Shanghai. Therefore, it is necessary for us to take some measures to control the emissions of carbon dioxide.

It is reported that the per-capita carbon dioxide emissions (by $1 GDP) of China rises an astounding 153%, making it the biggest rival for that of the US. The developed countries ask China to reduce its emissions as required in Kyoto Accord. However, considering its population and economic development, it is still difficult for China to fully assume its responsibility.

At the same time, those developed countries should take their respective responsibilities. By establishing factories in the developing countries, they just shift the pollution to another area. However, their advanced economy and technologies make the reduction of carbon dioxide easier. At present, not all those developed countries are ready to should their responsibility. The USA refuses to accord with the Kyoto Protocol.

It is hoped that responsibilities of carbon dioxide can be redefined to reduce onus on the developing countries and encourage the developed countries to take more aggressive steps in the solutions of CO2 emission. Environmental problems threaten every country in the world, and they can not be solved by a single country. We should work together to make our earth remain in its cold and serene state.

Thank you,
Justin H.

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