Tom Goes Green, Makes Eco Friendly Choices And Shares It With The World

by Tom
(Las Vegas, NV, United States)

Increasingly more green each year that goes by. <br><br>

Increasingly more green each year that goes by.

Despite the heated debate one often hears on whether climate change is real or just another over-hyped science concept by a couple of attention-craving lobbyists, it is difficult for anyone to deny that the world today is not the same as the world was 100 years ago, and it is all a simple case of cause and effect.

When you consider the age of the earth and many species there are here, it is little wonder then that we find it difficult to fathom what the repeated degradation of the environment will result in, not just for ourselves but also for posterity. This is because the impact of the destruction of the environment though sometimes visible fairly quickly, the most significant and destructive consequences sometimes take years and decades to start to be visible.

It is when I understood this that I made the decision to play my part in making sure I protect the environment. My decision was informed not just because our lives depend on it, but that the loss of the wealth and knowledge that the extinction of various plant and animal species due to our actions will rob the future generations of the beauty we take for granted today, as biodiversity dwindles.

I would not want to be caught on a position where I am at pains to describe to my grand children what the lion, the bear or the redwood tree used to look like when they existed in my day! Let me share with you the simple steps I decided to take to help place the future of the world in a less precarious position.

My first step was to get rid of what has proved to be the environmental bane of our time: plastic! The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really do not have to use the amount of plastic that I have. If it is shopping, all I need to do is insist on or buy an environmentally friendly bag (e.g. the brown biodegradable bags). When I can though, I have my own shopping basket made from exotic dried sisal fiber. I bought one as a souvenir during one of my safaris to Africa but it has ended up being a real blessing in disguise. The beauty with this bag is that it cleans and washes easy meaning you do not have to settle for a dirty bag just be eco friendly. You need only peek at the garbage dump in your city to realize the tremendous amount of plastic we still use unnecessarily today.

My second key step in my march towards a better managing my environment has been in my domestic energy source. I have made a decision to go solar. Now I must admit: the initial cost of setting up a fully functioning solar energy system was not exactly a walk in the park both in terms of the cost and the hassle of setting up. This is more so when one considers the ever-rising electricity demands at our homes today.

However, I bit the bullet and opted to do it and it has been absolutely worth it. When it comes to clean energy sources, they do not come any cleaner than solar energy. And who would mind the added benefit of not getting that monthly power bill from your utility service provider?

I know I didn't!

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Tom Goes Green, Makes Eco Friendly Choices And Shares It With The World

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Apr 29, 2010
Going Green Can Cost Us
by: ST

Being Eco-Friendly

Working one step at a time or one person at a time to help the world be a better place is a great effort that everyone should take part in each and every day.

If everyone could do one thing to become Eco friendly for a life time our world would have a better chance of enjoying its beauty for a very long time. However when it comes doing things that would make a huge difference be sides recycling and not littering, it tends to cost a large amount of money.

If it was simple and cost efficient to turn a home or house into a Eco-Friendly solar powered living environment that would help protect the worlds future, more people would be switching over to solar powered options for their homes. In addition owning an electric car is a wonderful option and great for the environment however, the price to own one is not always a choice for everyone.

When it cost more up front is where people have the trouble grasping the cause and effect of making huge changes for Eco-Friendly life style, even if you are saving more money in a long period of time.

If it was cost-efficient knowing that it is better all around then people would build that way from the start. Saving the earth should not cost as much as it does. Yes you are saving money in the long run, with not have to pay a monthly bill. However, you have to have a lot of money from the beginning to switch your home over to solar power.

-ST :)

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