The Most Famous Russian Health Resort Is Not So Healthy Now

by Maxim
(Irkutsk Region, Russia)

Unique Ecosystems Can Be Destroyed In Just A Few Months

Unique Ecosystems Can Be Destroyed In Just A Few Months

Four dead dolphins were found recently on the Black Sea coast of Tuapse. Preliminary tests pointed out that all four deaths were caused by chemical poisoning.

Ecologists stated that the sea current is moving from Tuapse to Sochi and Sochi residents must be careful. Even though only four dolphins were discovered, there may be many more out there.

In 2008 ecologists voted against building of the chemical fertilizer station in Tuapse. Tuapse residents gathered 11 000 votes against building of this station, but nevertheless the chemical fertilizer station was built. Soon enough this «Tuapse bulk station» was fined for violation of environmental regulations but still carried on its activity.

Illegal dump unloading of hazardous chemicals is taking place in Tuapse now. According to certain facts, this dump unloading of dangerous dry chemicals has been carrying out since 16th of March – without any notice. Ammonium nitrate powder is being loaded so careless that clouds of poison dust are floating all around cargo ship and are heading towards Tuapse.

This is the cause of mass poisoning of city residents. Many people are complaining on headache, their eyes and skin are burning. In the last three days dead seagulls were seen numerous times in water. Many of the chemical fertilizer station employees are approaching hospitals with severe injuries of upper respiratory airways.

According to residents of Tuapse, different vans loaded with chemicals arrive on local train station every single day. The number of emergency calls regarding lung injuries doubled since February. People are constantly complaining on allergy and asthma attacks, everyone around are very worried about their health.

It is very sad to witness this slow and painful death of the most beautiful health resort in Russia. I myself think that income from tourist industry can surely beat income from poison trading.

How do you think about this?

Do you agree?


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The Most Famous Russian Health Resort Is Not So Healthy Now

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Jun 03, 2011
Totally agree
by: Irina

Hi Max,

I totally agree with you on this issue.

Well, I am just hoping that, maybe the authorities will take this issue more seriously in the run-up to the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014.

It is really, truly sad to witness this destruction of the environment. It is true not only for Russia but for many other places around the world.

Let's try to do at least something to improve this state of affairs ...


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