Rising Oceans And Australian Beach Erosion, What Is The Answer?

by Jennifer

Again, That Is Not Me, I Just Love Organic Eggs!

Again, That Is Not Me, I Just Love Organic Eggs!

I’m pretty distressed at hearing all the warnings about our rising oceans and beach erosion. And it’s not just limited to Australia - it’s happening all over the world! Countries like The Netherlands, India, U.S.A, Thailand and Japan look vulnerable too.

Apparently, it’s all because of climate change from human activity. But, what can we do to reverse climate change? I mean, they had the big climate change conference in Copenhagen and as far as I can see, nothing really happened at the end of it.

Why is this?

Why is MONEY and ECONOMY always a first priority over our health and our environment?

And now there are reports that there are areas in New South Wales that look like they’re prone to rising oceans and beach erosion, such as Dee Why, Bateman’s Bay and even Byron Bay!

Owning a beach house is a dream for many, but it just may not be possible in the future because of global warming. You wouldn’t want to buy a house on the beach and then in a few years time realize the beach is vanishing practically underneath you!

I think the whole world needs to do more in tackling climate change. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone forgot about making big profits and instead all joined together to help save the Earth from becoming uninhabitable for humans?

Because if we destroy our world to the point where we can no longer live here, that’s it...we're done!

- Jen

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