My Eco Conscience Won!

by Molly Herdic
(King George, VA)

My carbon footprint has been decreased as much as possible within the confines of the region I reside in. I find to do more, it takes a community to cooperatively barter, share services, share environmentally created goods, buy less packaged goods, (NO packaged goods?!), recycle what's left, WALK, not drive, etc.

My goal is to find such a community, in western US preferably, where I can move forward on conservation. I need ideas from a close community, and I'm sure there are lots of others like me that want to do more but don't know how!



It sounds like you are looking for what is referred to as a New Urbanism community development. This approach to designing or retrofitting towns, communities and cities will become very important as we come upon the "peak oil" phenomenon, whereby prices will go back to $145 per barrel and beyond.

- Nolan

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