Is Pollution Killing Life In India?

by Swapna Harrison

India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world in terms of natural splendor. However, it is rapidly becoming one of the most polluted countries in the world, and with it one that destroys its own flora and fauna through pollution.

Rivers are deplete of fish and other aquatic life because of pollution. Animals are dying and species are disappearing because of pollution. Forests are dying and with it animals are all dying. Why this is so? Why nothing is being done on this account? Because there are too many vested interests in India.

Recycling Of Human Waste

A newspaper recently carried a scoop saying that the top most in terms of money deposited in Swiss Banks is not the USA as you have expected, but India. This is the money that various topmost industrialists, politicians and other in-power people are siphoning gradually.

This is the result of vested interests. These vested interests is sending the country on a self-destruction path. Unless you and I do something about it, there will be a day when India would indeed be the lowest in animals and plant resources.

Pollution And Animals In India

What stops people from ?doing something about it?? In India, the system is highly corrupt and therefore everything ends in the question, ?What is there for me??. Unfortunately, while putting this question the answer is always personal gain, rather than community benefit. People in power want to make hay while sun shines and they do not issue orders against the major river and air pollutants.

They also do not want to be pulled into controversies since that would endanger their position in the system. So, they promote these people who pilferage natural resources, kill the natural habitat of animals, destroy aquatic life in rivers.

It seems unless we do something today, a day would come soon when most life would not remain, not even humans....

Should we wait for that day or take action NOW?

Are humans able to make vast changes in lifestyle?

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