Finding Your Perfect Eco Friendly Women's Shoes

Earth Friendly, Vegan And
More Sustainable Womens Shoes

When choosing eco friendly women's shoes, you have many options. Eco womens shoes are available in many styles from the highly fashionable to simply functional. Whether you are a sandal girl or a sporty sneaker girl, you can find the sustainable shoes to suit your style.

The picture in your head when you think of eco friendly, may be of a simple eco shoe made of corduroy and cork or perhaps a pair of Birkenstock sandals. If that is how you think of them, prepare to be surprised. There are all different styles and colors of women's eco friendly shoes. Birkenstocks are a leader in earth friendly shoes, but there are many other companies who are providing women with planet-friendly, vegan and sustainable shoes.

Classifications of Eco Friendly Women's Shoes

There are 5 main classifications of eco friendly women's shoes, each of these classifications define a different aspect of being eco friendly:

  • Organic - Made of only organic materials. Keds shoes have a full line of organic sneakers.
  • Vegan - Contains no animal byproducts. Vegan Chic offers you a many choices of vegan footwear and many other vegan products.
  • Sustainable - Made entirely of recycled or recyclable materials. You can see some examples of sustainable shoes made by Terra Plana at Treehugger.
  • Fair Trade - No sweatshop manufacturing. For fair trade fashion and footwear Autonomie is the place to shop.
  • Recycled - Made from reclaimed materials. While not all eco-friendly shoes make the claim of being fair trade, many of these companies are utilizing ethical development guidelines.

Most eco friendly women's shoes fit more than one of these classifications which means that simply by choosing a new pair of shoes you can help improve the environment and preserve the future of the planet. Purchasing shoes that are made of organic or recycled and recyclable materials, that are produced without sending children to work in sweatshops, and without using animal by products which promote animal cruelty you are being a responsible woman who is getting great shoes and taking a step towards green living.

While you may associate eco friendly shoes with the stereotypical hippie tree huggers that you see on television, times have changed. There are women's shoes that are eco friendly and also the height of style!

Most eco friendly women's shoes are very similar to their not-so-eco-friendly counterparts. By using hemp uppers, organic cotton linings, recycled car tires, and natural dyes eco friendly shoe lines such as The People's Shoe Brand, Autonomie, and Terra Plana feature everything from pumps to boots.

Suppose you want to find a pair of red eco friendly womens shoes. Not a problem! You can choose red sneakers, red pumps, red sandals, and red boots. Just because a shoe is eco friendly doesn't mean that it has to be wood and straw colored. Eco friendly women's shoes are feminine, fashionable, come in every color of the rainbow and are good for the planet.

Going green or living an eco friendly lifestyle can be a challenge to many people. There are so many things that are harmful to the planet that are part of our everyday lives, but this simple step of purchasing eco friendly women's shoes is an easy way to contribute to the preservation of the planet. Your style won't suffer at all when you have so many styles and colors to choose from and the environment will benefit from each and every pair of eco friendly womens shoes that are purchased.