Bamboo Shoes, Style &
Eco Friendliness Converge?

A Hot New Trend In Footwear & Eco Consciousness, But Are These Shoes For You & Could This Be A Case Of Greenwashing?

First, in the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I do not have my very own pair of eco friendly bamboo shoes and I hope that you are NOT surprised by this!

I only have two pairs of shoes, two pairs of boots and two pairs of sneakers. I've never been all that particular about my footwear.

Before doing any research for this page, if I was asked ""What is the difference between a pump and a flat?" My answer probably would have been...

"You need a pump to fix a flat!"...

Now, with that gross confession out of the way, my wife and my assistant will be heavily relied upon, as I continue to contribute to this page. Each of them, probably have more shoes than I have shirts and pants combined.

I also hope that this is a page you will have some fun with as well. If you already have a pair or purchase a pair of bamboo shoes...



I'll add a section below that will allow YOU to submit your comments, thoughts and pictures of YOUR bamboo shoes.

Nine West Mudpie?

Mudpie eco bamboo shoe If I had to review this first pair of bamboo shoes myself, I would say that if you are looking for some shoes that resemble a bowl of skittles atop a bamboo dock by the seashore...


My wife has patiently explained to me that this is simply a bamboo shoe with some retro styling.

UMMMM...I'll take her word for it.

For some reason they were given the name "MUDPIE".

They don't look much like the famous chocolate desert from Mississippi to me, but I'm sure they must have a good reason for the name.

Black or white bamboo shoes by Nine West In the Nine West Designer's defense, there are also synthetic black and ivory white versions of this shoe available as well. I'd say one of these two colors is your best bet, but as I previously confessed, what do I know! In the designer's defense, there are also synthetic black and ivory white versions of this shoe available as well.

Bamboo Wedge Sandal by Rockport

Rockport Bamboo Shoe in Light Gold Rockport has been a well known shoe brand for some time. I was glad to see that they are making some bamboo inspired shoes.

This is a leather upper sandal-styled shoe with an ankle strap and buckle that adjusts.

It has a DSS footbed that is cushioned for additional comfort and of course it has a BAMBOO wedge heel just below the espadrille mid-sole.

Rockport Bamboo Shoe in Brown and Black Rockport Bamboo Shoe in Brown and Black It has a 3 1/4 inch heel and the sole is made of thick rubber for several years of wear.

This item is for your warmer weather wardrobe and comes in light-gold (almost white), black or brown to accommodate the matching look you need.

Volatile Nobu Bamboo-like Shoe

Nobu Bamboo-like Wedge Slingback Sandal by Volatile This bamboo-designed shoe, available in black or brown, is an everyday summer weather shoe with a fun strappy-style. Although it may appear like the real thing at first, the shoe actually features a cork and "bamboo-like" wedge heel.

What they are referring to as bamboolike, may be a thin ridged straw material. I decided to include it here because the designers did achieve a similar natural look as genuine bamboo.