Chinese Oil Tanker Ran Aground On Great Barrier Reef

by Jennifer

Eco Friendly Friend

Eco Friendly Friend

I think it is absolutely disgusting that this Chinese oil tanker ran aground on the Great Barrier Reef! It had no business being there in the first place, since the Great Barrier Reef is a marine national park. I'm glad that two people from that tanker have been arrested. I believe the company should be heavily fined.

What do they think they are doing ignoring our environmental laws like this? What is the world coming to, when something like this happens?

It's crazy that a tanker could stray into a world heritage listed marine park that is a prohibited zone. If they were paying attention and were allowed the proper time to sleep, they wouldnot have missed the right hand turn they were supposed to take.

The oil spill has the potential to cause great damage to our ecosystem, and who is going to pay to clean it up?

Australian taxpayers!

We should definitely be billing China for all the costs involved in cleaning up their mess.

This tanker left a scar along our wonderful Great Barrier Reef and goodness knows exactly how much damage it has done and will cause us in the future.

I've heard that there was only a $50,000 fine. That's peanuts for the kind of damage that was caused! It should be $50,000,000. A large fine like that would have a bigger impact and show the world that you must not stray into protected marine areas.


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Chinese Oil Tanker Ran Aground On Great Barrier Reef

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Why Offer Bail For An Environmental Violation?
by: Just sayin'

Why were those responsible for the oil tank spill granted bail?

In the same vein, why are there no jail terms included in legislation?

For multi-billion dollar corporations, fines can be paid easily and move on. But, when it is required that a Captain and Crew get 10 years in prison, others might not be so cavalier about their responsibility!

Shouldn't the punishment be far more harsh?

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