A Declaration Of My Eco Friendliness At Home And At Work

by V. James
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

A commited eco friendly citizen setting <br>an example for family members. <br><br>

A commited eco friendly citizen setting
an example for family members.

I am eco friendly in a number of different ways. Personally at home my family is striving in our own way to cut back on the amount of electricity at home. One of the first things we have done is to change all the light bulbs in our house to compact fluorescent light bulbs. But as you know, it is not enough just to change over the CFBs, we also make sure that when we leave a room, that the lights are turned off.

We also make sure that before we go to bed that we not only turn off things like our television and computer, because these are on power surge plugs, we also turn them off as well. This has drastically cut down on our electricity bill.

We live in an apartment building, but even so we do things around our apartment that conserve our resources, and we only use products that are environmentally friendly, meaning there are no harmful chemicals. We use products found around the house, like lemon juice and vinegar to clean windows, and counter tops, and we have discovered that a little baking soda can go a long way towards scrubbing stains out without harmful chemicals.

In order to cut down on food waste we use a dehydrator and a bag sealer. The bag sealer has helped us to keep our meals small, since there are only three of us in the family.

Although we live in an apartment building, we have done many other things. Being on really good terms with our landlord, we got him to switch all the bulbs in the building to CFB as well, and now he also has them on timers, which turn the lights on at night and off during the day, to save his electric bills as well.

We are also trying to convince him to change the water heater in the laundry room over from one of those energy wasting tank heaters to a tank less water heater. He plans on doing this after the first of the year, and if things go well, he also wants to change the water heaters in each apartment over as well.

On a professional level, I am a writer. One of my special interests that I write articles about is alternative energy sources. I have written about many different renewable energy products, including solar, wind, and magnetic generators. I also write about alternative fuels, such as electric cars, compressed air powered vehicles, as well as bio diesel and I hope that my writing has inspired some of my readers to consider a green approach to living.

I also write many articles about how people can use products around their house to clean. There are two reasons that I write these articles. One is so that I can get as many other people interested in alternative energy sources, and let them know that it is easy to be eco friendly.

The other reason is that my family isn't always going to live in an apartment. When we are ready to build our home, it is going to be fully self sustaining, using all the information I have gathered from writing all the articles about renewable energy, how to conserve power, and what appliances are the best for these energy sources.

Together we have to do whatever it takes to be friendly to Mother Nature, at least that's what I think anyway!

Mr. James

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A Declaration Of My Eco Friendliness At Home And At Work

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Apr 29, 2010
I Enjoyed Your Eco Declaration!
by: Ashley T

I have transitioned my lifestyle from eco-wasteful to eco-friendly over the last eight years after learning about the severe detriment Earth faces in light of pollution, global warming, and the endless supply of trash humans seem to go out of their way to accumulate.

I commend you and your family for being conscious of the world we live in, rather than bequeathing a selfish attitude about nature to your children.

By cutting down on items such as plastic Ziplock bags or just taking the time to ensure all the lights are off before bedtime not only saves money (which unfortunately happens to be the main driving force in this world), but also cuts down on generated energy from non-renewable sources such as coal or oil.

I was very excited to read about your chemical-free cleaning habits, as I seem to be the one of the few people who practices it...

I'm glad I am NOT alone!

I have always found it dubious that cleaning supplies don?t always list their ingredients and instead opt for a ?caution,? ?warning,? or ?danger? emblem. People are amazed at how far a little baking soda and lemon juice will go.

And BRAVO on influencing your landlord to switch to energy efficient appliances! I wish all citizens of the world could be like you...we might stand a chance for long-term sustainability.

Is there anyone else out there that'll join with us?


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