Why Organic Farming, Gardening Or Agriculture Will Not Come To India

by Swapna Harrison

India has behind it a wealth of indigenous knowledge that have amazed the Western World for a long time. Whether it is our ancient architecture, ancient medicinal practices or ancient agriculture methods, India has shown that indigenous knowledge is not only very effective, but also often much better than what the modern science advocates.

Eco Friendly Farmer Who Is Choosing The Correct Way

With the whole focus shifting from chemical to organically grown food, the world is closely watching India anticipating it to be the highest contender in the this bracket. However, for the last two decades Indian is nowhere on the global organic food market. Well, why not?

The truth behind this fact is quite ironic. Though India has some excellent indigenous practices known to the world, the fact that chemical fertilizers are much cheaper and more available, motivates the farmer to opt for it, instead of organic fertilizer which though available in plenty, needs to be worked on to make it ready to use.

There is more. Let us say that the farmer manages to use organic fertilizers and fights the temptation to use the highly subsidized chemical fertilizers.

More Organic Farming In India

What happens next?

Is this farmer able to sell his products as ‘organic’ and get the high price indicated to such produce? The answer seems to be ‘NO’.

But Why?

I think it is because the certification of a private farmer’s produce as ‘organic’ involves a mammoth task, which leaves most people without choice or motivation to pursue organic agriculture. The Indian farmer needs money to sustain his family; he does not need to fight with the system to change its rules so as to support and no deter organic farming in India.

But that would take a very long time, unless we the common people do not unit and demand reforms that would lead to recognize and reward organic farming.

Thank you for reading my post. Comment if you like. I would love to learn what others feel.

Swapna Harrison

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