The Alarming Rate Of Growth In Carbon Dioxide Emissions In India

by Vikram Malik
(New Delhi, India)

Me, in a completely natural setting. Location: Zakopane, Poland

Me, in a completely natural setting. Location: Zakopane, Poland

One of the rather negative consequences of any booming economy, especially if the same happens to be a developing country which is aspiring to attain global economic standards, is that of pollution, which in turn manifests itself in diverse forms.

Taking the case of India, with carbon dioxide or CO2 emissions as the basis for determining pollution levels, we find that while the per capita emissions may not be anywhere close to that of the major polluting countries, such as China or the US, we do find an enormous growth in emission levels, which is definitely very alarming.

Specifically, we find that the per capita level CO2 emission in India is just 25% that of China. Yet, this 25% too translates to a reasonably high level, which if we are to compare with the levels witnessed 16 years back; would tantamount to an astounding growth rate of 119%.

No doubt, there are multiple factors behind this undesirable growth of carbon dioxide emissions in the country. For one, automobile uptake in the country has witnessed a huge surge. It is predicted that in the coming few years, India could well be among the Top 5 automobile markets in the world (it is already in the Top 10). Further, with a general rise in levels of prosperity in the country, there has been resurgence in purchase of CO2 emitting electronic appliances such as air conditioners. Also, with rapid industrialization being witnessed across India, it is but natural that all these industries are rapidly spewing out high levels of carbon dioxide.

That said, what are the solutions? After all, most of the above instances are in fact signs of economic prosperity ? ones which most people would prefer to witness, rather than forgo.

The solution actually lies in simultaneously taking care of the environment. More and more greenery needs to be planted, replacing more than what has been taken away, say in the form of deforestation or laying out of infrastructure in the country.

Further, technology has to advance to such levels wherein even with all the aforementioned devices or machines running, carbon dioxide emissions are kept to the minimum.

Companies should be at the forefront of all such initiatives, through their Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR programmes.

It is only through such measures that India can possibly foresee a habitable future for its citizens of tomorrow.

-Vikram M.

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The Alarming Rate Of Growth In Carbon Dioxide Emissions In India

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Feb 18, 2012
Power source affects environmental impact of electric vehicles
by: marisabal

Conventional thought is that “green automobiles,” such as hybrids and electric automobiles, are better to buy because they pollute less than traditional automobiles. However, the electricity starting place matters a lot. Power source affects environmental impact of electric vehicles. Though it may seem to defy logic, the reason is that China generates 85 percent of its electricity from fossil fuels. Coal accounts for 90 percent. Greenhouse gases and particles emitted by the power plants are in larger quantities than the accumulated gas and particle emissions from combustion engines.

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