Tapestries - An eco-friendly art choice for your home or office.

by Charlotte Noro
(Blaine, WA)

June Tree Tapestry

June Tree Tapestry

June Tree Tapestry Tree of Life Tapestry Save On Tapestries Logo Custom Photo Tapestries

Save On Tapestries provides high-quality eco-friendly tapestries and is now going green! We are now off setting all of our hosting and eclectic with wind power credits making us the first eco friendly art store on the web today. The tapestries we sell are fiber-based artworks produced by American companies in the United States.

Unlike traditional canvas art, which uses toxic paints and chemicals, tapestries are an all-natural cloth artwork. Many of the famous castles and churches in Europe don these beautiful artworks and several have lasted hundreds of years.

So try a classical tapestry today as a new way to decorate your home in an eco friendly way. Every tapestry we sell goes through a strict quality inspection and is hand sewn. We also provide a 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping throughout the contiguous United States.

Visit our online store today at http://www.saveontapestries.com and learn more about tapestries and why they make a great choice for an eco wall d├ęcor item.

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