Sam's Eco Challenges And Small Earth Friendly Changes

by Sam
(Milwaukee, WI, USA)

Just me enjoying an afternoon in the park near my home. <br><br>

Just me enjoying an afternoon in the park near my home.

I live in Milwaukee, and when I think of green things, I really don't think about my own downtown apartment! Living green is for people living out on the farms or maybe out in the suburbs, not for people living in the heart of the city, right?

The truth of the matter finally struck me when I started living alone and realizing how much trash I created. One day, I took a look at all of the plastic bags, plastic bottles and cardboard boxes in my apartment, and decided that enough was enough!. I was tired of hauling that stuff down to the recycle bins, and more importantly, I was simply tired of being so wasteful. They never tell you how much energy it takes to produce that much trash, let alone deal with it, and I was sick of it all.

That's how I started looking for ways to try to reduce and reuse in the middle of the city, and while I couldn't make a compost pile or keep bees, there were still plenty of options open to me. I'm a pretty lazy person, so the changes I made were small, but it was so much better when I actually made them.

1.) Cloth bags to the store

I live within walking distance of a pretty nice grocery, so rather than making one trip a week by car, I make three or four trips a week on foot. As you can image, I was soon swimming in plastic bags. I gave in and sewed myself two cloth bags to carry with me. A friend, taking my example, crocheted her own. We both agree that this is much better than simply tossing those plastic bags out.

2.) Everything gets used again

Another grocery tip involves looking at the containers of the processed food that I eat. Things like lunch meat often comes in containers that can be used again, and after they are used a few times as cheap tupperware, they can be recycled. Remember that not all plastic can be recycled; if your plastic needs to be sorted, check the bottom of the plastic for a number; that should tell you whether your area recycles it or not.

3.) Cooking for one

I eat a lot less prepackaged food these days. It makes less mess when I don't need to worry about a box, and then I can put the vegetable peelings into a stock box. This step is perfect for making soup later, and food that I cook myself (after I got over the habit of overcooking everything) tastes much better too.

My eco moment of truth was realizing that green living wasn't just for people living in green places; it is also essential for city dwellers and even small changes from everyone will add up!


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Sam's Eco Challenges And Small Earth Friendly Changes

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Small Eco Friendly Changes Can Make A Large Impact
by: A. Shiflett

Hi Sam,

I totally agree with you that living green is for everyone, even those that reside in the city. I commend your efforts in taking the time to consider the different ways that you could reduce, reuse, and recycle. Just those three simple changes that you made are making a tremendous impact on the environment.

Many individuals simply do not make the effort to ?go green? because they believe it will take too much time and too much effort. Many do not realize that by making small, subtle changes such as taking a cloth bag to the grocery store or reusing containers that various types of foods are packaged in, that they are able to make a very big difference and reduce the carbon footprint that they leave behind.

There are many other simple changes that a person may incorporate into their lives as well. Changing to energy efficient CFL light bulbs, using low flow toilets, low flow faucets, and low flow shower faucet heads are also beneficial.

Many people open their window treatments during the day, instead of using electric lighting in the winter, to reduce heating and energy costs. While in the summer, privacy blinds may be used so that some light still comes in but most of the heat stays out.

There are many different small energy saving adjustments that can make a big difference collectively in the grand scheme of things.

Great work on your eco friendly efforts and thank you for sharing it with everyone!

A. Shiflett

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