Plastic Pollution, Our Oceans Are Slowly Being Taken Over By Plastic Waste

by Therese
(Darwin, NT, Australia)

I get quite emotional about marine pollution. I remember watching a story on 60 minutes showing the amount of rubbish that is in the ocean, and the horrible things that our marine creatures have to endure because of it.

Turtles eat plastic bags thinking they are jellyfish. Seals, dolphins and other creatures swim through fishing nets and get entangled. Other birds eat plastic items such as old toothbrushes and cigarette lighters thinking that they are food. They eventually die because of ingesting or getting caught up in these items.

Have you seen pictures of the rubbish floating in the ocean? It's truly shocking and enough to open your eyes and make you want to help out.

Recycling our waste helps as does using reusable shopping bags instead of plastic. Why don't more people care about these issues?

I see people littering everyday and it makes me so angry. When you throw something in the gutter, it gets washed down the storm water drains and straight out to the ocean.

It's not hard to use bins that are provided or if there aren't any, take your rubbish with you until you can dispose of it. It's a massive problem, but we can all help out by just using less plastic and disposing of our rubbish in bins, that way it ends up as land fill and not in our oceans.

Am I alone here?


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