How Green Is This, Can It Qualify As An Eco Friendly Declaration?

by Kate
(Florida, USA)

Looking for new ways to save energy and <br>go green anyway that I can. <br><br>

Looking for new ways to save energy and
go green anyway that I can.

If you live in a house with a family, you know how difficult it can be to cut back on electricity. You walk out of a room, shutting off the light and someone else walks in and turns it back on. The most used light switch in our home is the hallway light that leads to the bedrooms and bathrooms. You would think that after walking that stretch of floor space over a million times, it wouldn't be necessary to turn on the light each time, but they all do.

There is now a solution to this problem if you live in a single story home where there is a roof right above your ceiling. It is called a solar skylight and you never use a drop of electricity or have to change the light bulb. Powered by the sun, solar rays are sent through a tunnel to a diffuser in a recessed light fixture in your ceiling that provides you light.

This is absolutely perfect for our hallway. My kids can leave the light on all night long and it doesn't bother me a bit. In fact, we have plans to install these lights in other areas. You are able to turn it off though by remote control.

Installation is simple by cutting a small circular hole in your ceiling and feeding the reflective funnel to your ceiling where another hole is cut (or use your existing electric fixture site, moving the wires). An attractive domed translucent diffuser is then attached to your ceiling, meeting the funnel.

Your carpet is guaranteed not to fade and it is said to do very well when placed over plants. This is what I believe that I will try next. I don't really understand why no heat is generated through this light since it comes from the sun but the fixture stays cold all of the time.

I know this sounds like some sort of scheme that someone dreamed up to make money but it really does work. Not only does it work but the manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty against damage, it has a virtually unbreakable dome that can withstand hail and hurricanes and it does not leak. No leaking is the one that I can't figure out. How do you prevent a leak when you cut a hole in your roof? They provide strong aluminum flashing that is guaranteed not to rust or leak and it works!

The fact that the kids now get some sun when inside makes me feel great. We all need our vitamin D, especially in the winter months plus the polycarbonate dome blocks harmful UV rays. I don't know how durable that this model will be holding up five years from now but maybe by then, they will have something even better!

For now, my whole family loves the fact that Mom no longer screams about the electric bill.

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How Green Is This, Can It Qualify As An Eco Friendly Declaration?

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Apr 27, 2010
It Sounds Green To Me, Great Idea!
by: Lisa S, Sydney, AUS


I've never heard of this new solution to indoor lighting before, but it makes perfect sense. Why not use the naturally available light and bring it indoors instead of creating power-hungry light sources throughout the house?

I guess it's like skylights, but its good to know that you can install these after a house has been built without too much hassle. That's one of the main obstacles stopping people from making eco-friendly changes to their homes, the cost. But if we can make smaller changes such as the one you mention, and it won't break the family budget, then that's got to be more effective.

Leaving lights on is a pet peeve of mine also at home. My husband seems to think he needs lights on at strange times of day ? even though our house is pretty well lit and he is not even in the room!

It's a workplace bugbear of mine too. I switch unnecessary lights off all the time and get irate about power waste...

Keep up the fight, Kate!


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