Grace's Declaration of Eco Friendliness - Can I Go Green?

by Grace

I know, I know - I'm in Violation here in this photo! <br>I was at a family cookout. I normally use an eco friendly stainless steel water bottle!</center> <br><br>

I know, I know - I'm in Violation here in this photo!
I was at a family cookout. I normally use an eco friendly stainless steel water bottle!

I declare that I'm going to do my best to go green in the future. For me, that means reducing waste in every way I can, taking the time to examine my own actions, and not taking the easy way out. Too much of what's convenient is also bad for the environment!

I also declare that I'm going to take the time to do my homework, instead of just relying on other people to tell me what's green. After all, there's a lot of misinformation out there. Instead of believing everything without checking up on it, I'm going to use green sites as a place to start, and make sure that they've got their facts right.

I'm also going make sure that my eco-friendly actions are more than just a gesture. Sure, it's easy to buy a hybrid, but if I don't learn to drive it properly, or if I take it when I could walk, I'm not doing the most I can to be good to our environment. That means doing the boring stuff, too, like replacing all my lights with higher efficiency eco friendly CFL bulbs, sorting the recycling correctly, avoiding products chock full of packaging, and making sure the windows seal.

It might be dull, but it's the little things that count when it comes to being eco friendly. I also promise not to let myself get discouraged if I mess up from time to time. Being green is just like losing weight or getting in shape - we're all going to have a few setbacks.

It's probably not going to be easy, and most of the time, it's not going to be glamorous. But taking a little bit of extra time to do my research or make sure I'm doing things as efficiently as possible could clean up the world for future generations. That's worth it in the long run.


I also posted my first Eco Friendly Moment of Truth Confession Page with videos!

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Grace's Declaration of Eco Friendliness - Can I Go Green?

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Apr 29, 2010
Great inspiration!
by: Jake E

Grace, thanks so much for your message that's really inspirational and I think you have made a lot of good points! First of all, there's always something more that we can do, so it's important to get started any way that we can and then to keep on moving and doing new things too. And yes, that means the "boring" stuff too like changing out your light bulbs like you said. But those are things you can do so quickly and easily, and it makes such a big difference!

You also made a good point that it's time to do our own research and really find out the truth. Enough letting big companies tell us what they think we should do, and putting out false and misleading stats. Let's go straight to the source, and let's always be striving to be better than we are. Walking instead of driving, going easy on the gas when we are driving, changing out our light bulbs, using reusable water bottles.. it all makes a difference.

Thanks for the inspiration and good luck on your journey!

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