Eco Friendly Way To Teach Our Children

by Rae Sulz
(Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada)

Eco green jewelry from recycled skateboard material

Eco green jewelry from recycled skateboard material

In hopes to teach our 3 kids about the environment and how it's our job to preserve what we have here on earth, my husband and I opened a thrift store.

Our kids (2, 6 and 7) help with sorting the materials and with selling. We have also started a jewelry business with my husbands old and broken Skateboards.

We are saving the planet 1 board at a time!

You can check out our Facebook Group or contact us if you'd like to order some eco friendly jewelry.

Here is our FB group location:

With Twins on the way we are very busy but are still proving that anyone can help...

Besides, where else are we going to live?

Thank you,

Wow, Rae! What you are doing is a great idea and a great eco friendly effort on the part of your entire family!

Also find me at:


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