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Eco Friendly Shopping Need

The Comprehensive Directory of Earth Friendly Eco Stores That Everyone Has Been Searching For!

eco friendly shopper wearing recycle eco jewelry While green is all the rage, it can still be a bit of a challenge finding the green products you're looking for. Some brick-and-mortar local stores carry a smattering of eco friendly options, such as, clothing, home repair, decorating, food, and more...

But, if you want to find companies offering exclusively green products, you'll want to refer to this comprehensive list of eco friendly stores that I have put together for you.

I'll also put together a list of eco friendly coupons and discounts on the green products you are looking for.

Eco Stores For Earth Friendly Clothing

Want to get your hands on a new eco friendly handbag? Have you been seeking a perfect pair of eco friendly shoes? What about the all-important stash of green T-shirts for every occasion? Or perhaps you need a new environmentally friendly piece of jewelry?

Here are some great green companies offering eco-friendly clothing options for every occasion :

  • American Apparel is an eco store with a wide range of eco clothing options, especially with their "Sustainable Edition" made from USDA Certified Organic cotton that is also sweatshop-free. This includes T-shirts, underwear, baby clothing, and more.
  • Clothing Matters prides itself on offering clothing made with exquisite natural fibers for every style, age, and occasion. Their gallery of eco-friendly clothing contains pieces made from organic cotton, silk, soy, tencel, wool, hemp, recycled fibers, and bamboo.
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  • Ecoist is a great source for eco-friendly recycled candy-wrapper handbags that are uniquely designed.
  • Edun is a stylish, socially-conscious eco-friendly clothing company founded by Bono and his wife Ali Hewson with Rogan Gregory. Their clothing is sweatshop free and often made with organic cotton.
  • Greenloop is an eco fashion store that specializes in green clothing and accessories of all types from a wide range of eco friendly clothing designers, including Fuze Organize, Grace & Cello, EcoSkin, Loomstate, Pi Organic, Spun, PositivTee, and Lara Miller.
  • Howies is a UK-based purveyor of high-quality clothing that will last longer and have a lower impact on the environment. Many pieces are made with organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes, and fewer chemicals.
  • Loomstate is the clothing line from Rogan Gregory. This old-world production company uses 100 percent organic cotton and is carried in eco clothing stores like Barneys New York and Bloomingdale's as well as online.
  • strives to offer the finest organic and natural fiber clothing you can find online. Their eco-fashion lines include activewear, coats and jackets, underwear and lingerie, shirts and tops, skirts and dresses, as well as sweaters and sleepwear.
  • MooShoes is one of the largest eco-friendly online stores that carries vegan shoes and accessories, including bags, purses, belts, jackets, shirts, sweatshirts, books, and DVDs.
  • Rawganique is a PVC-free, sweatshop-free hemp products store. Their eco clothing and green home accessories include shirts and pants, dresses, jackets, and sweaters, intimates and PJs, as well as organic products for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and the home in general. Most options are made with certified organic hemp.
  • REI is the popular online and brick-and-mortar eco store for the outdoor adventurer. Shop with care here, as they do carry many products that are made sustainably, although not all of their products are outwardly eco friendly.
  • Simple Footwear specializes in sustainable shoes that are made with their Green Toe methodology. Materials include silk, bamboo, woold, hemp, natural crepe rubber, recycled inner tubes, organic cotton, coconut, and more.
  • Terra Plana is inspired by ecological survival. This eco store carries footwear that's made with minimal glues, eco-friendly materials, recycled ingredients, and overall sustainable designs.
  • VeganEssentials specializes in products that are cruelty-free from top to bottom. They carry clothing and accessories, food and home decor items, personal care products, animal companion supplies, footwear, fragrances, and vitamins.

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And for those who love accessories, here are some fabulous online earth friendly eco stores for jewelry, handbags, and other "extras":

  • Brilliant Earth is a San Francisco-based conflict-free diamond company. They also produce pieces made with recycled gold and vintage stones.
  • C5 expands on the four basic "c's" of cut, carat, clarity, and color, by adding consciousness. Weaving eco friendly and socially-responsible philosophies into their business, this environmentally conscious eco store for jewelry has jewels for just about every occasion.
  • Ecobags may become your favorite environmentally friendly eco store if you're looking for handbags, whatever you're style. They carry canvas totes, woven bags, shopping sacks, lunch bags, and even produce bags, all made with green materials.

Eco Friendly Toy Stores And Organic Eco Baby Clothing Stores

Outfit your baby room and your children's wardrobes with eco-friendly clothing and green toys made just for little ones. These green product stores are your source for everything natural and eco-friendly for the lives of your children:

  • Baby Bambu uses naturally soft, anti-bacterial, UV protecting bamboo fibers for their baby clothes, sleepers, blankets, and more.
  • BabyEarth is an eco baby store specializing in products that are healthy and safe for the entire family. This business has also incorporated green initiatives to make their company more eco-friendly from top to bottom.
  • EarthPlay is your destination for eco-friendly outdoor playing supplies. They carry play equipment, books, DVDs, and plans for building your own green outdoor oasis for your children.
  • EcoFriendlyBabyClothing is another one-stop shop for earth-friendly baby clothing and accessories. They carry jackets, dresses, onesies, swimsuits, bath accessories, and skin care products.
  • Evo has every imaginable listing for eco-friendly online stores that carry everything from eco-friendly clothing to green body care products to eco-friendly auto supplies, to green building products to tools for recycling and composting to organic flowers. You name it, they've got a listing.
  • Mommas Baby specializes in healthy, greener, natural, and organic products for moms and babies, including maternity and pregnancy products, postpartum recover, breastfeeding aids, organic clothing, natural toys, potty training items, skin care, and more.
  • Natural Pod creates open-ended, natural toys for children for indoors and outdoors. They are made without toxic materials and are meant to last for generations to come. They carry stacking toys, play silks, bath toys, musical instruments, wooden bikes, trucks, trains, and boats, as well as activities and games and feeding supplies.
  • Nuno Organic is the place to go when looking for organic baby toys, nontoxic play dough, modeling beeswax, and wooden beads, organic dolls and teddy bears, play kitchens and cars, as well as wooden puzzles and nontoxic crayons and paints.
  • Zia & Tia offers organic baby and kids clothes, hammocks, bath and skin care products, eco-friendly furniture for children, as well as baby feeding supplies, all made with the earth in mind.

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Eco Friendly Home Stores

Perhaps, rather than shopping for eco friendly clothing, you're more into fixing up your home or preparing healthy meals with eco-friendly home products. Whether you're looking for eco-friendly decorations or want earth-conscious dishes for your kitchen, I uncovered the green eco stores you're looking for:

  • Blue Ridge Eco Shop will have you shopping for everything for your home-from water bottles to baby rattles, rain barrels to lawn mowers, clothing to home decor items. Their commitment is to provide sustainable, eco-friendly products for every facet of your life. It's the eco living store for everyone.
  • Ellie's Eco Home Store is another great eco home store with online shopping to make it easy to find all of the eco-friendly home products you'll need. They carry books and home decor items, green building supplies, clothing, outdoor gear, and pet supplies.
  • Nigels's Eco Store is the eco-friendly store to go to for all of your green household needs. They carry everything from energy-saving products to eco-friendly cleaning supplies to eco home products. They even have a garden and solar section.
  • Real Goods is a great resource for those looking to dabble in solar, wind, and hydro power, as well as eco-shoppers interested in green camping products and gifts. They also carry eco home products like composters, rain barrels, and clothes dryers.
  • ReusableBags is an excellent eco friendly online store for practical items for any green home. They carry baskets, canvas bags, produce bags, compostable trash bags, reusable water bottles, safe lunch containers, utensils, and more, all with the mission of reducing your waste production.

Green Furniture And Other Eco Products For Home Renovations

The idea of turning your home into a green space is a popular one, especially for those interested in living healthier lives. Find all the eco products home stores you'll need with this list:

  • Abundant Earth is a great eco furniture and home decor store. They've got eco-friendly home products for every room-from beds to chairs to clothes racks to gifts to health and wellness products.
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  • Carpet and Rug Institute certifies flooring that's made with indoor air quality in mind.
  • Furnature creates healthy furniture for a healthier you. They carry sofas, chairs, ottomans, and custom furniture made with organic cotton, hemp, natural blends, wool, natural rubber, and other eco-friendly materials.
  • Green Fusion designs and builds interesting and sustainable green building products. They carry flooring, carpeting, paints, countertops, cabinetry, bedding, furniture, fixtures, and other eco products for the home.
  • IF Green is an eco store that specializes in making furniture and home accessories that are built with exceptional draftsmanship with an earth friendly conscience.
  • SCS Sustainable Choice Certified Products must been stringent criteria for eco friendly indoor air quality standards.
  • VivaTerra is an eco store that carries home items made with organic, pure, sustainable ingredients by artisans and local crafts people. Their products include options for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and eco accents for the entire home.

I'll keep an eye and ear out for more environmentally friendly stores. As we consumers become more aware of the power and influence of our buying habits, we can only hope there will be even more eco conscious stores to open in the near future!