Finding Eco Friendly Mens Shoes
Has Become Much Easier Today

Golf, Dress, Athletic And Casual
Green Eco Shoes For Men

Eco friendly mens shoes can be found in almost any style or color you may want. From running shoes to golf shoes, sandals to dress shoes, your eco shoe selection has become virtually endless.

The idea behind eco shoes for men or women is to use materials that are organic or natural, animal friendly, biodegradable and chemical free. You have several choices that stand alone or may be combined with other classifications to find an eco friendly men's shoe that fits your style and lifestyle.

  • Organic shoes are made of only natural materials. Hemp, cotton, and bamboo are common organic materials that are used to make the uppers of many eco friendly men's shoes.
  • Vegan mens eco friendly shoes contain no animal byproducts.
  • Sustainable eco friendly shoes are made out of recycled or recyclable materials.
  • Fair trade shoes are made without using sweatshops and child labor.
  • Recycled shoes are made entirely of reclaimed materials such as recycled tires for the soles.

You can actually find sustainable eco friendly shoes for just about any use you can think of. As many individuals become more eco-conscious, suppliers and retailers are making more options available to you.

Eco friendly mens basketball shoes made by leading sports shoe designers such as Nike and Reebok are made out of natural organic and recycled materials that are durable and long lasting, but help promote planet responsible manufacturing. Even professional ball players will love the grip and design of eco mens basketball shoes.

Eco friendly mens golf shoes made of 99% sustainable materials, such as the Hi-Tech Enviro eco golf shoe, are stylish and functional golf shoes to help promote green living, while you are "on the green".

Eco friendly mens sandals made from organic hemp canvas and cotton use natural products to provide sandals that will not harm the environment while being attractive and comfortable. Eco friendly mens dress shoes provide style and class while keeping your feet comfy in natural materials that are durable and long lasting while still being biodegradable.

Eco friendly mens casual shoes come in many styles that will fit your lifestyle. From slip on style casual shoes to lace-up nubuck shoes, you can find eco friendly casual shoes that are great for indoor or outdoor use that are made of natural material uppers and recycled or recyclable soles.

While shoes are generally thought of as a woman's shopping item, the variety and style available in eco friendly mens shoes may get more men in the stores. Choosing organic, vegan, sustainable and fair trade shoes not only helps protect the environment but also animals, and children.

Many mens shoe companies are getting involved in the eco friendly shoe market, as more and more people are embarking upon green lifestyles and doing all they can to improve and protect the environment. You will find green eco shoes for men from the popular names that you know and also from several eco friendly companies that you've never heard of.

From hand-stitched organic materials to specially developed soles that are designed to be degradable, eco friendly shoes are the mens shoe of today and tomorrow.