King Of Eco Friendly Cars?
The Toyota Prius Hybrid

Always At The Leading Edge Of
Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Side and front view of a Toyota Prius at the auto show The Toyota Prius is a full hybrid and a mid sized vehicle that has been labeled as one of the most fuel efficient vehicles being sold within the United States.

The EPA has also given this car ratings that make it one of the most clean vehicles to be sold within the United States as well.

Although this vehicle was first sold in Japan more than 10 years ago, also being the first hybrid vehicle to be mass produced, it later would be introduced into the American markets as well. Sales have gone beyond the million vehicle mark, and incredibly, the United States market has made up more than half of the worldwide sales when it comes to the Prius.

White Toyota Prius front view by Paul_Garland on Flickr The newest model of the Toyota Prius Hybrid, the ZVW30 recently came out, and the sales of this model began last year in Japan.

It has a whole new body design that has better aerodynamics, which helps with the reduction of drag on the vehicle and it provides a rear fin under the body that helps to keep the vehicle more stable at speeds that are higher.

It is estimated that this vehicle provides 50 mpg in fuel mileage, and the official ratings have made it the most efficient liquid fuel vehicle. View of the Prius Hybrid Synergy Drive Logo Emblem It's not just the great gas mileage that will help you to go green with this car. In these new vehicles produced by Toyota, they are now using bioplastic that are plant derived instead of using petroleum based plastics. This is a great breakthrough for the company and for the bioplastics business as a whole.

For the new Prius, within the United States, the base price will be over $22,000. Included with this price are alloy wheels, cruise control, audio with six speakers, keyless entry, stability control, audio controls, and more.

There are three different optional packages that are available as well:

  • You can get the Navigation Package, which indulges a navigation system, XM satellite radio, Bluetooth, a backup camera, and more.
  • Then you have the Solar Roof Package, which adds in a moon roof and a ventilation system that is solar powered. It also has an air conditioning feature that uses a remote to start it up before getting into the car.
  • There is also the Advanced Technology Package, which has the navigation package and adds in the intelligent parking assist, radar cruise, lane keep assist, and other top technological features.

Red Toyota Prius side view by Joi on Flickr

Within the past few years, the Toyota Prius hybrid has only gotten better. Still providing great fuel economy, this hybrid now has many comfort and technology options that make it stand out among some of the other hybrids that are available. If you make the purchase of this green fuel efficient car, you know you'll be receiving the best leading edge hybrid technology available in a mass produced vehicle.