Larger Eco Friendly Cars Are Available,
See The Toyota Camry Hybrid

A Not-So-Well-Known Fuel Efficient Model

Front side view of a blue Toyota Prius at the autoshow Today going green is more important than ever, with threats of global warming looming in the near future. Many people are choosing to go with cars that provide a greener driving experience and Toyota has definitely been at the cutting edge of cars that are more fuel efficient and eco friendly.

While they are well known for their Prius model, many people are not aware that the Toyota Camry Hybrid is also an option. Many people are familiar with the Camry name, which has been one of the most popular cars within the United States. Now a hybrid form of this vehicle is available if you are someone that wants more than a small sub compact, this is a vehicle worth considering.

Unlike the Prius by Toyota, which shows off how eco friendly it is, you will find that the Camry Hybrid is actually quite unobtrusive. It looks just like the regular Camry. In fact, the only way you can tell that you have a hybrid is that there is a tiny Hybrid Synergy Drive badge. You still get the same great look that Camry offers and all the room in the vehicle too, but it has the efficiency that a hybrid can offer.

Front side view of a blue Toyota Prius at the autoshow Of course, when you drive this hybrid, you'll find that it is definitely about getting the best efficiency and not so much about a great driving experience. The fuel efficiency comes in at about 34 mpg, which is fairly good, but there are quite a few other vehicle choices out there today that can do as well or even do better when it comes to fuel efficiency.

One issue to consider if you are interested in the Toyota Camry Hybrid is the trunk space, which especially comes into play if you have a family. The trunk space is a bit small, and if you have four people in your family, trying to pack all your luggage in the smaller trunk can be a bit tough. However, if you are a couple going on a vacation, there is plenty of room for the luggage of a couple people.

Those who have tested out the Camry hybrid also complain that the change from gas to electric can be a bit rough in this engine. Even so, it can be a great choice, especially since you will get better gas mileage than most mid size sedans out there today.

Standard on these vehicles you will get electric power steering, dual climate control in the front, smart key option, four wheel disc brakes that are regenerative, steering wheel that is telescopic, and power doors and windows.

There are other options that you can go for on the vehicle as well, but you will have to pay a price:

  • With the Comfort Package, you'll pay almost $500 to add in heated outside mirrors and heated front seats as well.
  • You can opt for the Leather Package, which adds on more than $1000, but brings you interior trim that is wood grained in style as well as leather console, leather door trim, and leather trim seats.
  • You can get the Moon-roof Package for about $890, giving you a slide moon-roof, visor mirrors that are illuminated, and personal reading lights in the wheel.
  • Last of all, for almost $3000 you can get the DVD Navigation Package. This includes a DVD navigation system, alloy wheels, Bluetooth connection, mp3 playback, 4 disc CD changer, a backup camera, rear view mirror with auto dim, satellite radio, and shift knob and steering wheel are leather wrapped.
Front side view of a blue Toyota Prius at the autoshow