Searching For Eco Friendly Cars?
Introducing The Honda Civic Hybrid

Will This Green Car Model Help Honda Take
The Lead In The Fuel Efficient Vehicle Market?

Honda Civic Hybrid front and side view by Anthonares on Flickr When it comes to the hybrid market, Honda has done almost as well as Toyota, but with the Honda Civic Hybrid, they have definitely taken a big step in the right direction when it comes to hybrids.

If you are looking for a family car that has excellent fuel economy, then consider all that this Honda has to offer you and your family.

You will find some great features under the hood of the Honda Civic Hybrid. It not only has a 1.3 liter engine in it, but it also boasts a 20 horsepower electric motor as well. You'll also find under the hood the continuously variable transmission by Honda. With the power in this vehicle, you do not have to deal with sluggish power. Although in the past some have thought that this Civic was underpowered in sluggish, Honda has worked on their hybrids to get rid of this thought.

Honda Civic Hybrid rear view by Qnr on Flickr Not only will you like what is under the hood of the Honda Civic hybrid, but you will also really enjoy the fancy features that the car has to offer.

The structure of the car is excellent, and the battery now is charged with a braking system that is even more efficient than before. This helps to provide a huge increase in the electrical regeneration, which gives you more power from the electric motor.

There are four different operational modes that you can use on this vehicle:

  • There is an Engine Off feature, which allows you to run all the systems that are electrical without having to turn on the gasoline engine. For a short stop, the electrical systems can still have power without you having to burn any gas.
  • Another mode of operation is Low Speed Valve Timing. This lets the engine operate with excellent fuel efficiency and it allows you to cruise at higher speeds or you can gently accelerate.
  • The High Speed Valve Timing mode lets you get more power when you need more acceleration.
  • Then you can use the Cylinder Idle, which is used in highway cruising and during deceleration, which basically shuts down the gas engine and your power source is all transferred to your electric motor.

Honda Civic Hybrid full side view by Brianwc on Flickr Some great steps have been taken with this Honda Civic Hybrid that make it a competitive car option today. There are improvements to the braking, the battery capacity, and the engine, and it also has a great look.

The interior is functional and nice, and it is roomy enough for families too. This vehicle is an excellent mixture of fuel efficiency, sporty styling, and room, making it a top choice over traditional gasoline vehicles today.