Looking For Eco Friendly Cars?
Check Out The Ford Fusion Hybrid

Could The Fusion Hybrid Be The
Best American Green Car Available?

Ford Fusion Hybrid on display at the auto show The Ford Fusion Hybrid is a new take on a hybrid vehicle from Ford and it is one that many Americans are considering in the push to drive greener vehicles.

Trying to show off how fuel efficient the vehicle really is, Ford decided to try the 1000 Mile Challenge. The main goal of this challenge was to take one tank of fuel, and then drive the vehicle more than 1000 miles without having to get more fuel. They varied the route, including highway and downtown driving to get a real to life test on the vehicle.

You may be surprised to known that on this test challenge, the Ford Fusion Hybrid actually was able to go better than 1400 miles on just one tank of gas. It averaged about 81.5 mgp on the test, which is definitely impressive. While on a different challenge the Honda Insight came in at 124 mpg, you do have to consider that the Fusion is a vehicle that is heavier, larger more comfortable, which does make a difference.

So what actually gives the Ford Fusion hybrid such great gas mileage out there on the road today? Well, smooth acceleration helps out, as does coasting to stop signs and red lights, which helps to minimize the wear on the brakes and also keeps you from wasting fuel. Vehicle systems like heated seats and air conditioning were not used often, and anticipating the traffic patterns also helped as well. All of these tips can be used if you purchase one of these vehicles to help you get the most of this hybrid if you buy one. A view of the Ford Fusion Hybrid from the rear

Interestingly enough, the Ford Fusion Hybrid has received the Motor Trend "Car of the Year Award" for 2010. It has been this vehicle that has helped to boost the sales in hybrids for Ford, showing that an American company can do a hybrid right.

One of the main advantages that you will get with this hybrid is the special Smart Gauge with EcoGuide that Ford has put in. This includes two LCD screens on the dashboard, which the driver can easily see. They let drivers know when to keep the foot on the gas or to stop using such a lead foot. Basically it tries to coach drivers into driving behavior that is more fuel efficient. It teaches drivers how to improve their mileage while driving and it does so without being distracting as well.

Not only does the Ford Fusion Hybrid provide you with excellent fuel economy, but it also is exciting to drive and has a great transition between running on gas and electric. The horsepower is not sacrificed as well, and most drivers report that zooming around in this car is a whole lot of fun.