Bamboo Products, Lucky Plants,
Care and Earth Sustainability Discusion and Practices

Possibly, Earth's Most Overlooked and Underappreciated Renueable Resource...
A Gift To Humanity!

In a time when worldwide human consumption is on a dramatic incline and the population is expected to reach 10-billion people within 40 years, there is an incredibly useful plant that may not be getting the attention that it truly deserves.

Greetings, my name is Nolan and I am becoming a little crazy about bamboo!

Can you tell?

Seriously, who else spends their spare time studying, dissecting, researching and investigating the growing instructions for lucky plant species, floor care & installation techniques, the availability and review of a seemingly endless list of products, brands, window treatments, clothes, decor items, fencing, furniture, etc...

...simply because they happen to be made out of a specific plant, crafting or building material?

Maybe it is a bizarre activity (okay...okay, maybe is bordering on obsession at this point), but I am having a blast becoming a self-proclaimed Bamboo Wizard.

This amazing plant, surprisingly a member of the grass family, provides the ultimate conditions for being a sustainable and renewable resource. It continues to flourish even after it is completely harvested without the need for re-planting and some varieties can grow over 45-inches in a single day with an ideal climate.

This rapid growth trait, present in almost all varieties, allows the plant to reach maturity within 3-6 years rather than 30-60 years, making it the quickest growing vegetation on earth.

Bamboo just might be the world's most perfect plant, building material, fabric, flooring, decking, furniture material, textile, crafting material and poverty reducer...All in one!

During my personal search for a central location for information and a variety of bamboo products that I was looking to purchase for my home and family, I became frustrated with the reality that a place such as this did not really exist.

So, what did I discover?

I found that information and products were scattered all over the internet in several countries and languages. Most of the products that I was able to find were from international importers or wholesalers that sell items only by the pallet or truck load.

This experience is what lead to the motivation to build this site. As I progress with its development, I hope that I make it much easier for people to find the products, plants and information that they are looking for and help connect harvesters, craftspeople, bulk dealers, wholesalers, exporters, importers and consumers together.

I would also like, with your help, to develop an interactive community element to the site as well.

After all, there must be some other B-boo fanatics out there besides me!

Go ahead and find the appropriate page and post a comment, photo or video of your newly installed gorgeous floor, wall decor, pajamas, fence installation, sheets, blinds or even the flute you so proudly carved all by your 'onesies'.

My mission for this site is not only to help you quickly find the best plant information and product supplies that you are seeking, but also to help raise the awareness of how useful this resource is in general and call attention to its natural beauty and the art and elegance of the laborers and craftspeople who work with this plant and material everyday.