Eco Friendly Bags

Bags, For Almost Any Purpose, To
Demonstrate Your Earth Friendliness

Green eco friendly shopping bag made of organic cotton Having the right bag for the job is an important trick of the trade when it comes to being organized, prepared, and above all stylish and eco conscious.

You can never have too many bags but if you only had the choice of a few, make sure to get a bag that is durable enough to get you through many adventures and keep you green as well.

The days of rigid boxy hemp bags without style or fashion sensibility are gone.

Today, you can find the perfect eco friendly bags for any occasion that are made from recycled or biodegradable materials.

Here is just a short list of the creative eco conscious fabrics being used to craft eco friendly bags, from clutches to totes:

Green shoppers with eco friendly shopping bags filled with groceries

  • Organic cotton
  • Hemp
  • 100% Recycled PET
  • Natural Jute
  • Recycled Billboards and Banners
  • Candy Wrappers
  • Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • Recycled Automotive Fabric

Eco Friendly Handbags

Whether you are going to work or out to play you will find the perfect eco friendly bag for the occasion.

Designers are finding new ways to source and incorporate sustainable practices and materials into their designs.

Even those who have their choice of any bag money can buy, like celebrities, are looking for eco choices when it comes to what they clutch to on the red carpet.

Designer eco friendly handbags

Here are some beautiful eco friendly handbags to accessorize your day and night and you dont have to be rich and famous to get one:

Crystalyn Kae - Handmade in Seattle, Crystalyn Kae bags are functional, stylish and created with an eye for ethical design. Featuring a great selection of styles and fabrics you will easily find a piece to match your lifestyle.

Ashley Watson - This amazing designer based in Canada has found the perfect use for recycled leather. Ashley has taken old pieces of high quality leather from jackets, pants and even couches and turned them into buttery soft, high end and stunning handbags. Each bag is handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Kim White Handbags - One of the most original materials used for eco designer and chic handbags has to be made by innovative designer Kim White. Kim uses "dead stock" which is a term of textiles that have never been used but were intended for use in American automobiles such as cars, trucks and vans.

Several years ago Kim was fortunate to discover an entire warehouse of automotive fabric, which may very well be the last existing stock in the United States. Each eco friendly bag is labeled with the year and make of the car which it was intended for. What a great way for you to own a piece of a classic car.

Eco Friendly Bags For Your Laptop Or Notebook

As laptop computers become more of the trend the need to carry these little computers around has become another way to accessorize. Laptop bags have traditionally been non-stylish carrying cases which simply transport your laptop from point A to point B.

Things have definitely changed lately. Just walk through almost any coffee shop today and you will find beautiful and function bags to match the evermore stylish selection of laptops and their owners. One additional new feature of laptop bags is the eco friendly fabric.

Below are a few stylish and functional selections to help you carry your laptop and accessories in eco style:

MyRebe - One of the latest trends in laptop accessories is the laptop sleeve. With this great little bag, you can easily carry it on its own or slip the sleeve your laptop into your work or school bag and keep it protected from dings and scratches.

Made from vintage fabric, the Kerry Sleeve by MyRebe is padded and made from water-resistant material. At MyRebe, you can choose your own unique color scheme and size to fit your taste and laptop. Grab an eco friendly bag for your laptop or notebook today!

KoloBags - KoloBags offers a full selection of laptop accessories including an eco friendly selection of laptop sleeves and bags. At around $30.00 each, you can go green in style without wounding your wallet.

Eco Friendly Bags For Shopping

Each year billions of bags end up littering our oceans, lakes and landfills. Many stores around the country are finally getting the message that there are better ways to pack a bag of groceries, beyond the standard "paper or plastic?" Some have gone as far as charging a small fee for using plastic bags.

The new shopping trend that is not only good for the planet, but pretty trendy as well is to accessorize with a shopping tote that will hold your produce and help to avoid polluting our planet.

Just like any other new habit, it takes time to get into a rhythm of remembering to bring that reusable shopping bag. You may find it easier to just leave a few in your car and a few in your home. That way you can be prepared for that last minute run to the store without having to choose paper or plastic.

Here are a couple of good ones that I found: - These little reusable shopping bags have a great feature that will help you along your way to breaking the paper or plastic habit. Envirosax come in a variety of designs to suit every preference.

They are lightweight, fold into tiny packages which you can throw into your purse, car or bike basket. Each bag can hold up to two grocery bags worth of produce. And, they are waterproof. Their organic series is made from linen, bamboo, organic cotton or hemp. - If you ever thought you could not find the exact style and design of reusable shopping bag to meet your needs, you must visit With a full selection of hemp, recycled, woven and classic string bags, there is no style left untouched. Sharon Rowe, founder and CEO of EcoBags has been committed to sustainability since 1989, before "eco chic bag" was a buzz word in the industry. Visit them today to find your favorite.

Eco Friendly Bags For Baby Diapers

You already know the importance of keeping things organic for new babies. From clothing to toys and furniture there are eco friendly alternatives to keep chemicals and synthetics far from baby’s developing immune system.

When it comes to accessories for the new mother, the choice to go green is just as important. Whether you are the mama-to-be or the friend of one, the eco chic choices for diaper bags are growing each day. The new breed of eco diaper bags is brilliant for organizing bits and pieces, hauling them around effortlessly and staying earth conscious.

Here are few select eco friendly bags for diapers that combine style, function and eco sensibility:

Re-Run Messenger Bag - From Fleurville is made from 100% post consumer recycled PET - plastic bottles. Each bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, many smart compartments, and each bag is silk screened with a beautiful floral design. Possibly the best feature of this bag is that each one keeps approximately eight 600ml plastic bottles out of landfill. This eco friendly diaper bag will easily take you from infant sweetness to pre-school fun. I found it at BuyGreen.

Cotton Batik Diaper Bag - If you'd like to add Fair Trade to the criteria for your eco friendly diaper bag, this is a wonderful choice. This diaper bag is a great buy because it the design will last way beyond the diaper years. This unique natural diaper bag is hand made in Ghana by an incredible group of women called Global Mamas. This group works to help provide sustainable livelihoods for women and girls in Africa. The 100% cotton batik is hand dyed and each item is unique. See the selection today at EarthLoversShopping.