Contaminated Water In India, Can The Green Movement Help?

by Swapna Harrison

The groundwater in India accounts for more than 80 percent of the water that irrigates and supplies water to rural agriculture and domestic use. According to the Ministry of Water Resources report in 2000, more than 70 percent of the surface water has already been polluted by toxic organic and inorganic pollutants, biological waste to such an extent that the water has been rendered unsafe not only for drinking, but also for irrigation purposes.

Rivers like the Ganges, which are considered a religious portal to heaven, are among those, which are affected most. This River in particular, has suffered the most in terms of pollution. Described as, Mother Ganga, in India, this is a River that receives not only a huge amount of industrial waste every year, but
add to that the domestic sewage that has almost doubled since the last decade!

As a result, a major portion of the Yamuna River, which is the River Ganges main tributary, has not had any aquatic life whatsoever for more than 10 years now. That is what you call dirty!

Add to that the immersion of the remains of dead bodies that is considered a sacred ritual in Hindu religion. Figures show that in Varanasi region, the coliform bacterial count is some 3000 times more that what is prescribed as safe by WHO (World Health Organization). This bacteria originates from the colon portion of human and animals and cause serious health problems when it mixes with food and potable water supply.

In this battle for prevention of further pollution and purification of this amazing River Ganges, Dr Veer Bhadra Mishra, a temple head priest and a retired professor needs to be commended. Acting as the Director of the Sankat Mochan Foundation, Dr. Mishra has been one of the most active environmentalists to fight for a pure and unpolluted River Ganges. He needs more help.

Concerted effort is required from both government and the regular citizens to actively fight this destruction of nature's treasures, such as the Ganges River, the Holy River of India.

-Swapna H.

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Contaminated Water In India, Can The Green Movement Help?

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Sep 04, 2012
by: Anonymous


Aug 24, 2012
by: ioana uzum

I love INDIA n anything good about this country ! I would like to be a part in helping the world to look better b greener. and so INDIA !

Apr 16, 2012
india.s deep rooted culture
by: ioana uzum

Hi dearest India,

I have seruious motives for this comment, as i was in the country and I know the people !
India is a facinating land n so are the people, but at the cleaness chapter is much way to go.
In terms of religion, the people are very devoted, so the Ganga river has its history based on hindu religion and people will bathe into it for ceturies to come. The Government has to invole
much more than it does and leave the Green Movement play its part.Many good things can change the face of this magnificient river and the peolpe can have their holly bath into it too.
One has to know the religious-based motive for bathing into it and offer the people of India a safety water and the respect for their culture too.Its a rolling-mountains work by trying to change the mentality of people and make them do the best of for their own health and prosperity.
We live in 21st century and anything it is possible ! So, the Government of India, please help your people feel free-desease Ganga and you.ll have all the credits ! The years-to-come, this beautiful river will be dirtier and u, the Government, would not be that proud by having the second largest population in the world !
Start NOW and you will keep the rank !
With regards for the most mistic country in the world - INDIA !

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