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Chinese flag set on the map of China Below is a list of some common eco green environmental issues and topics in China. As a Commenting Citizen Constituent, you are encouraged to provide your thoughts, ideas, opinions or solutions about this list and other environmental issues on your mind in the form below and also enjoy what others have posted and shared as well.

Currently, there are no Eco Delegate Representatives of the Chinese Assembly Forum. If you are interested in keeping the citizens of China informed with up-to-date discussion, debate and possible activism, and you would like to contribute articles to this forum on a regular or semi-regular basis, sign-up to become an Eco Delegate to represent your region in China, as part of The United Nations of Green Eco Friendly Citizens.

The following are some of the environmental issues that are facing the green citizens of China. What are your thoughts or ideas about these topics and what other issues do you feel should garner some attention from your fellow citizens and politicians?

  • Most Chinese citizens (89%) support government investments to address climate change, even if it hurts the economy.
  • Of those polled, 85% of the Chinese people were in favor of a tax on energy consumption, which was 24 points above any other supportive country.
  • China's science and technology ministry recently revealed that the country's carbon emissions would peak between 2030 and 2040. Though not a target for how to reduce their impact on climate change, these are the closest thing China has ever published, yet most experts say it is nowhere near enough for the world to keep temperature rises below two degrees.
  • China's demand for oil will increase to become nearly 38% of the world oil demand, making them the third-largest net importer (only the US and Japan import more).
  • The Chinese use much less water per person than Americans or Canadians, with 490 m3 the average volume drawn by this sector every year.
  • In China, the per capita carbon dioxide emissions (by $1 GDP) rose an astounding 153%, making it the biggest rival for the US of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.
  • China has made some effort to protect both marine and terrestrial ecosystems in the past 15+ years, added 28% to the total in recent years.
  • China remains a contributor to ozone-depleting CFCs, with a total of 5,832 ODP tonnes emitted in 2007 (compared to a negative amount in America).
  • China's forested areas have increased by 31% since 1990 levels.
  • The Chinese produce 45 million tonnes of non-hazardous waste and 10 million tonnes of hazardous waste annually.

What Are YOUR Feelings, Ideas, Thoughts, Comments Or Solutions On These And Other Environmental Issues Facing China And It's Citzens?

This page and the Chinese eco friendly green community is not complete without hearing what you have to say about the issues and challenges that China is up against.

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