Canadians Looking to Combat Climate Change

by Sari Boudreau
(St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada)

Even though we see that Canadians use more water than most other countries, and that their rate of waste disposal is increasing by 6% each year, many Canadians are worried about climate change, and want to do something about it...

But, can we do it on our own, or are we going to need help from other countries that have a proven track record of working to combat climate change, especially those that have experience with tar sands?

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rising in Canada

At the most recent G8 Summit, Canada received the lowest score on the Climate Scoreboard, which was released by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and Allianz SE. The scoreboard reports that instead of lowering greenhouse gas emissions, the rate of increase in Canada has risen significantly since 1990, more than 26%.

Soon, Canada will become a larger producer of greenhouse gases than the United States. Currently, Canada emits more than half of the greenhouse gases emitted by half of the world’s nations, combined.

Is there anything we can do to help get Canada back on track, and reduce emissions that are harmful to the environment, not only in Canada, but all over the world?

Education is Key to Minimizing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

No matter how much the government and industry in Canada work to eliminate greenhouse gases, it is still incredibly important that we get the word out to the citizens, and help them learn how to help their own environment. Many households that use oil for heating can change to alternative forms of heating.

I think motorists can do a number of things to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, including car pooling, and even purchasing vehicles that burn less fuel.

There are a plenty steps that we can follow to help educate Canadians about the environmental impact their greenhouse gas emissions are having all over the world, and we need to start now, beginning with education for everyone, including children in the lowest grades, even Kindergarten.

It’s never too early to learn how to protect our environment. What can you and I do to help bring us Canadians together on this?

Sari B.

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