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Canadian flag set on the map of Canada Below is a list of some common eco green environmental issues and topics in Canada. As a Commenting Citizen Constituent, you are encouraged to provide your thoughts, ideas, opinions or solutions about this list and other environmental issues on your mind in the form below and also enjoy what others have posted and shared as well.

Currently, there are no Eco Delegate Representatives of the Canadian Assembly Forum. If you are interested in keeping the citizens of Canada informed with up-to-date discussion, debate and possible activism, and you would like to contribute articles to this forum on a regular or semi-regular basis, then sign-up to become an Eco Delegate to represent your region of Canada, as part of The United Nations of Eco Friendly Green Citizens.

The following are some of the environmental issues that are facing the green citizens of Canada. What are your thoughts or ideas about these topics and what other issues do you feel should garner some attention from your fellow citizens and politicians?

  • 61% of Canadians are eager for their country to take a leadership role in setting targets to combat climate change.
  • The average Canadian uses approximately 1,500 m3 of water every year, which is nearly three times more than that used by Russians or Indians.
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  • Canada's total carbon dioxide emissions per capita (per $1 GDP) rose 21% from 1990 levels, which is a greater increase than that seen in the US.
  • As one of the largest landmasses in the world, Canada has a great deal of land and marine systems to manage, yet only 6.7% of their territory is protected, a paltry portion compared to the 22.3% protected in the US and 15.1% protected in the UK.
  • Ahead of its neighbor to the south, Canada introduced updated fuel standards for vehicles in recent years and offered rebates for fuel-efficient vehicles. Additionally, it required that a Green Levy be paid by manufacturers and importers on new vehicles with fuel consumption of 13.0 liters/100 km (18 mpg US) or lower (excluding trucks).
  • Despite green efforts on other fronts, Canada continues to push forward in the development of oil extraction from Alberta tar sands. This results in the creation of acutely toxic tailing ponds that cover 50 square kilometers of land and leak the equivalent of 11 million liters of contaminated water into the environment every day, killing thousands and birds and contributing to human health problems. The tar sands are said to contribute more than 40% to Canada's greenhouse gas emissions between 2003 and 2010.
  • Per capita waste disposal in Canada is increasing at a rate of about 6% every year.

What Are YOUR Feelings, Ideas, Thoughts, Comments Or Solutions On These And Other Environmental Issues Facing Canada And It's Citzens?

This page and the Canadian eco friendly green community is not complete without hearing what you have to say about the issues and challenges that Canada is up against...

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