Be a Leader in Your Town, Form An Eco-Group!

by Janine Perez
(Oak Forest, IL)

Green Steps Commission Footprint

Green Steps Commission Footprint

In March of this year I decided to send a facebook message out to everyone I was "friends" with in my town asking if anyone wanted to start an "ego-group" that would encourage and educate the residents, municipalities, schools & businesses on how to be more eco-friendly...

Wow has it taken off!

We were voted in as an official commission of the city of Oak Forest, IL. Our commission name is Oak Forest Green Steps. There are 8 of us working hard at local events to spread the urgent message that it starts with us; a small town.


That is what we are doing, and the out pouring of interested residents is amazing. We sell rain barrels out of city hall, we set up recycling for events for organizations like the park district, town sporting events, schools, etc. There was no recycling going on before this and we are still working on getting the entire towns schools, businesses, etc. to recycle.

We hope in the next year to achieve the following; Oak Forest says no to Styrofoam & plastic bags & we hope to have the schools become a no idle zone! I hope this encourages someone to do the same in their town. I have no expertise in this area, I just thought I could do something!

Green Janine Perez, Chairman
Oak Forest Green Steps

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