Balanced And Sustainable Development In China

by Justin He

According to a survey, Most Chinese citizens (89%) support governmental investments to address climate change, even if it hurts the economy. It can thus be interpreted as follows: first, people have realized the importance to protect environment; second, it is accepted that when the environmental protection is against the economic development, we should give priority to the former.

The question is, do we have to hurt the economy when it looks against the environment?

We all agree that in no way can the environment be damaged so as to get a temporary economic development, but now, we face a more serious problem, that is , how to deal with the relationship between the environmental protection and the economic development? The best way is of course to get a win-win situation, but it’s easier said than done, as finding a balance between them is not an easy job.

So, how can we balance environmental protection and economic development? The most important thing is that when we think of developing a new industry in an area, we should consider whether it’s helpful to the development of this area and how much pollution it will produce. If this industry can promote the area’s development and the amount of pollution can be controlled, it can be safely said that we have got a win-win situation.

Therefore, the economic development and environment protection is closely related with each other in that a continued economic growth can create the capital needed to protect our natural surroundings; a well-protected environment will make the economic develop substantially.

The former is a prerequisite while the latter is the guarantee. Only when we deal well with the relationship between them, can we get closer to an environmental-friendly society.

From: Nanjing

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