Australian Government Does Not Seem To Care About Poisonous Copper Concentrate Contamination Being Washed Into Darwin Harbour

by Therese
(Darwin, NT, Australia)

View of Darwin Harbour

View of Darwin Harbour

This is not a one off incident, this has been going on over a period of time and its only now thanks to “whistleblowers” that it has come to light.

The poisonous copper concentrate is being spilled into the harbor while it’s being loaded, and up to 20 tonnes per year. They say that this stuff contains arsenic, uranium, lead and silica.

Darwin is a place where there are many keen anglers and a lot of them fish in the Darwin harbor. Maybe this is why fishing in Darwin harbor is such a waste of time!

Not only is it environmentally disastrous, what about the poor guys that have to work with it. They have to wear protective clothing to avoid contracting a myriad of nasty diseases, as sickies are apparently common when these ships are in.

This stuff is washed overboard from ships straight into the harbor without a thought of what it could potentially be doing, and it’s all due to a conveyer belt that isn’t designed to do the job.

Maybe now that it is all out in the open the port authority will do something to remodel the conveyor belt even if it does cost millions. Who cares what it costs them, what about the cost to the harbor?

I bet if it started killing the croc’s there’d be an outrage!

Finally this has come to light and the authorities can begin to correct the situation.

Thank God for the whistle blowers!


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